The House Raddiche Family Tree

Posted Jan 26, 2023, 5:54:40 PM UTC

The family tree of House Raddich, founded by the wizard Yrein Raddiche and the knight Meri Krittsch. Because of this, House Raddiche values both swordsmanship and spellcraft in equal measures. They are a martial house, with members often becoming knights themselves.

While far from recent, it is still relatively new, at least by the standards of noble lineages. Still, it has managed to make its mark, and is continuing in its expansion.

If anyone wants to, they may tell tales about the various family members, both past and present, of House Raddiche, expanding upon it. They also may add their own family members, as well as expand on some of the families which are marrying into it.

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  • Martin vs Sir Marte: Fire vs Rock
  • Solirian Soldier
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  • Finley encounters the Tree Sentinel
  • Kyrada casts "Water Orb"!
  • Mithral Blade of House Raddiche
  • Kyrada's Imperial Seal
  • Air Race Battle!


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