Martin vs Sir Marte: Fire vs Rock

Posted Mar 11, 2023, 9:38:40 PM UTC

While some less attentive thinkers may believe that offensive capability is the sole expression of strength, we at the Academic Collective are in tune with many angles of power. In this challenge, you and your opponent will each be issued three delicate plush toys. The winner will be the competitor who destroys all of their opponents' plushies while protecting at least one of their own. Protect your plushies from your opponent while destroying theirs. You must depict your character, your opponent, and at least the remnants of at least one plushie.


Battling each other in the arid scrublands, fire against earthen stone, these two combatants are certainly engaged in a ferocious bout! While Marte employs stone as cover for his little fellows, Martin is able to nimbly maneuver while forcing his opponent to play less aggressively, causing him to maneuver his rocks in order to take the brunt of the flame rather than at any of their targets.



Sir Marte: Me!

Martin: DiamondSparkApril

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