Finn's Elemensha Quest Pt1: This Is The Worst

Posted Oct 13, 2023, 8:32:55 PM UTC

Finn is tired of getting soaking wet every time they lose control of the element of water. 


Finn's POV: 

I let the deep cerulean blue color of my magic fade from my eyes... I lost control of magic of water already, and now I was wet. Why bother to still cast? 

Elia was still trying to get control of the laughter. She was snickering now and not doubled over, clutching her stomach, as she had been. 

"Stop laughing, it is not funny," I snapped. 

I think to myself, 'I am tired of becoming soaking wet everytime I lose control of the element of water, and I am tired of my friend's well-meaning attempts to stop herself from laughing at me. This state of affairs must change...' 


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