Finn's Elemensha Quest Pt2: A Temple to the God of Air

Posted Oct 13, 2023, 9:01:06 PM UTC

When Finn and Elia's dwarf friend Samiyael hears all about Finn's problem, they suggest Finn should go to a temple to the God of Air. There would be no better place to learn air magic... or sky magic. 

One belief (amoung many) is that the God of Air is also the Lord of the Skies.


Finn's POV:

There had been many, many steps to get up here to the top of the rocky desert plateau where the temple was.

I could have flown as a dragon but Samiyael protested it was not the done thing for a beginner in sky magic to fly up here. 'You have to walk up allll those steps!' They told me earnestly. 'Yes, all of them! I had to do it when I was learning sky magic!'

'Why? Are you making joke?' I asked them warily. Samiyael was not always the most honest of people. 

'No, no,' Samiyael shook their head, waving this aside. 'I'm being absoluely honest with you. You have to do it because climbing... gosh, it must be hundred of stairs, is horrible. You reach the top, and decide never to do that again. That experience fuels your desire to learn sky magic. When you master it, you'll be able to fly and skip the stairs!'

'I am a dragon, and I can already fly,' I told them in a deadpan voice.

'Even dragons have to do it!' Samiyael insisted. 'Using sky magic is way different than flapping those wings of yours!'

I was still wary, but there were Acolytes and Clerics to the God of Air that lived in the tiny little desert town at the base of the plateau, and they all assured me my friend was right. 


I climbed every stair to get here, and when I was recovered from huffing and puffing and turning red in the face, Samiyael tugged me to meet the Head Cleric at this temple. 

They chose this temple in particular because Head Cleric Reuben was an old friend of theirs...


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