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+Kitty to Kitty+

Posted Jul 15, 2006, 3:43:32 AM
Oh my gosh... this was SOO fun!! I love coloring red hair.  Anyways, I've never drawn a cat, kitty, or anything from Fruit's Basket before. XD So please, don't eat me alive as bad as usual. I was trying to make him look like he was laying down with the cats crawling on him. But, I didn't want to use a refrence at all so I winged as best I could. Also, the kanji that he's laying on means "Cat" in Japanese. ^_^

This one is also special because it's for an awesome friend AKA StarSpirit. I hope you like it Stary!!

I also hope everyone else likes it too. I worked really, really hard on this one so I hope it's payed off. 

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  • Jul 15, 2006
    *hugs you!!

    Thank you sooo much!!!!!
    OOh, I see that you've added folds beneath him!! I think that definately made him look more like he's lying down. ^^
    I love it!! Smile
    • Jul 15, 2006
      *hugs you back!!* Hug

      You're welcome!! Heart I couldn't just leave it like that. I had to give it another shot. ^_^
  • Jul 15, 2006
    I LOVE THIS PIC!!! I'm a huge fan of Kyo, and this so awesome!!! Great drawing
  • Jul 21, 2006
    I really like kyo cus he can turn in to a cat..i'd hug him all day long
  • Sep 16, 2006
    KYOOOOOO!*glomps you*Oh my god....:innocent;He`s so handsome in this pic!I love this guy!He`s my fav in FB!Hug:hug::hug:I love this piccy!And teh kitties!LaughingI love this piccy1:hug::ug:The hair and clothes look great!:hug::hug:
    • Oct 1, 2006
      Awh, thanks so much!! I'm glad you like it. :nod: It didn't go over as well as I had thought overall. XD

      (SO sorry for the late reply!!)