In the Dark

Posted Jul 19, 2006, 10:07:09 PM

Oh no, Viper's gotten himself into trouble with a crazed fangirl (note the chibi plushie of himself)! I don't know how he got in that room in the first place though...

Done with pencil crayons, a lot of patience, and a little bit of magic from photoshop elements. :lol:

I do wonder if I went too dark though o.O lol

P.S. It was another colour light (yellow/purple) experiment. :)

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  • Jan 9, 2007
    Wow,neat-o!Hooray for the color pencils.I really like the way you added the effect of darkness into the room.It gives it that dimness to the environment that gives off that feeling like"Magic is about to spark!!XD
  • Jul 19, 2006
    Viper's hot.
    Hot in the pants.
    And the lighting is like realli good and it is a bit dark but thats okay.
    (Note: Webcam of darkness)
    That fangirl is actually me,
    she does kinda look like me, cept I would never wear lipstick or pink.
    The lighting is sooo good. EP!
    Um, question: is she suppose to have a big nose?
    She realli is me. (Shocked)
    • Jul 19, 2006
      XD I was also working on my profiles...cuz I'm not so good at those, Laughing. They looked better in pencil, and once I started inking, y' just died, man.

      But HEY IF YOU'RE DIGGING THE BIG NOSE THING, goody. Maybe it's you on halloween dressed as a girly girl. :O
      • Jul 19, 2006
        I teach you the way of the profiles,
        I actually am good at those No Smile I don't believe me either.
        • Jul 19, 2006
          Will you teach me the way of the clothes folds too? ;_;

          I can't do those either. Go fig.
          • Jul 19, 2006
            I'm not that good either...
            • Jul 20, 2006
              *cough* Have you SEEN the folds on the pic I gave you? Laughing And I've seen your newest unfinished pic...them folds were to die for, P. DIE!

              I love you. We fail together. ROFL
  • Jul 19, 2006
    OMFGGGG XD. Wow Z, whatever I was expecting, this wasn't it! This is WAAAAY better. You even did the dark room perspective and worked out all the colours. You're definitely a colouring person, I don't think I have that kind of patience. I love how V looks. XD He's not enjoying himself surprisingly. Lmao Great job Z. Four thumbs way up!
    • Jul 19, 2006
      So you weren't expecting something good, eh? Thought it was gonna be crap, eh?!?!?! (kidding Heart )

      Smile You do realize I photoshopped the darkness to emphasize the lighting effects I had going on. Laughing If you want to see it in person/the original, I'd be glad to show you. It's a lot LIGHTER, I can say.

      ...wait a minute, FOUR THUMBS?! XD Are you grabbing Pooky's thumbs too or what?




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