Yuka The Kitsune

Posted Jul 25, 2006, 9:46:58 PM
The unbeatable, the sly, slick and in every way sneaky, Yukara Kurama! ^__^ Well, minus all the appraisal and stuff, she's a gigantic clutz. But hey, she's Youko Kurama's sister, there's some benifits. ...In some cases.  Trained to be a thief, she's become less of a clutz and can look good in a picture, keeping a straight face. I'm making sort of like a clip thing of my characters. So next I'm going to do Huyana or Kima, maybe Melin. Who knows? But I want to make a sort of theme song thing for them. XD Not like I can do animation or anything, but...oh well. ^__^

Well, folks, YUKA! ^_^

Yuka (c) Me.

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