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...I do take commissions. And I've typed in this little box lots of times. I'll just say the basics.

I'm Huyana. I like Yu Yu Hakusho. Hiei Jaganshi is my favorite. I also love Youko Kurama and Kuronue. There.

I do take commissions too. ^__^" Don't know if I'm good enough to do 'em, but I'll take 'em. ^_^

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  • Cover for Traces of a Broken Heart

    Traces of a Broken Heart

    I wrote this Poem for my character when I was 13. v.v She was sad and lonely like I was. And she kind of still here it is! ^-^

  • Cover for The Nightmare

    The Nightmare

    It's merely a poem I wrote when I awoke one night from a terrible nightmare. ^_^ I'm infact a very happy was not a happy dream.

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