Kingdom Hearts "Sora

Posted Sep 2, 2006, 6:32:32 PM

Hee! :heart:  Back to colored pencils for me...for now anyway. All the computer stuff made my brain crazy. :dizzy:

It's Sora! OMG I've been wanting to draw him for ever! And the winner of my contest, requested it. I was like, Yay!!

Yeah, it's entirely in colored pencils. I was gonna draw clouds and stuff in the background to make it looks like sunset. But clouds are kinda hard with colored pencils, so i made lines instead. *Hopefully that didn't ruin it. ^.^;;

Enjoy! :heart:

Sora © Square Enix (or is it something else?)
Image/art © StarSpirit (me)



P.S. And. The scanner. Grr. It made the colors go weird again. -_- I'm so sorry.

I tried to edit it with the PhotoShop, but it just made it worse.

I'm sooooo soooo sorry.

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  • Dec 30, 2007
    i really like the way you've use the coloured pencil! coloured pencil can turn out so horrid if not used properly, but i can see u deffo know what ur doing! awesome job. keep up the good work!

    P.S sora rocks. gotta love KH!
  • Sep 2, 2006
    Awwww! SO cute! :3