Wrath Sketch WIP3

Posted Sep 14, 2006, 2:14:32 AM
More progress.  See WIP2.  PLEASE help with symbolic background ideas for wrath.  Any thoughts on this matter will be appreciated.

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  • Sep 13, 2006
    I can see a mansion behind her, like one of those Victorian or even neo classical ones.

    Whatever period you think it the best.

    But she's almost Vampiric, so maybe you can keep with that theme, and make like a fancy deadly house, you know "Interview with a Vampire" style.

    Anywho you could focus on the wood work- maybe to symbolize the grain of life or something... some crap they tell us in painting class...

    All i can think of is sticking true to the nature of the time period. Embrace it LOOOOOVE IT!!! lol I dunno, jus' a suggestion.

    If she were in a field or somethign it wouldn't make too much sence, the only people that killed ppl in fields were like Jack the ripper, and if anything this chic is miiighty mad cuz she walked in on the husband cheating, put her i bedroom!! Women are always associated with sex and vengance. Ok i've DEFINATELY said enough.
    • Sep 13, 2006
      It doesn't need to make sense where she is. I don't think of her as a real person, but as a personification of wrath/anger/fury.. That means, in this case, that she is the 'tool of the devil'.... I actually think I might put her in front of a burning rose hedge...

      It probably won't be in this sketch that way, though. Fire is waaaayyy easier to paint than to colour with pencil crayons.

      • Sep 13, 2006
        mmm i see, i thought the paintings were going to be more like portraits...

        well lets research symbols of Wrath shall we?

        The riders of the apocolypse...
        snake eyed dice...
        pentacles and pentagrams, even though pentacles were a symbol used in tarot and were never meant to be the symbol of satan...

        I need another book..
        • Sep 13, 2006
          And a recently acquired piece of information - Bears!

          I think I still like the burning behind her.

          It IS a portrait, but it's not a portrait of a person. It's a portrait of a sin/emotion. That makes it rather different.

          Besides - I'm a fantasy artist, love. Silly Emmy is forgetting! I must have FANTASY! hehehe Evil
  • Sep 13, 2006
    Fire? Anger is usually associated with Fire- choler
    is one of the four humours associated with disease and illvirtue from the old days. I learnt this cause Hamlett uses the humours alot in his plays. Fire would be very symbolic for this- yellow fire. Google Four humours if you want to pursue this more Wink
    • Sep 13, 2006
      Hurm... I read about fire being the main symbol for rage/wrath, but hadn't really wanted to draw fire. (I know, I'm being lazy). I think you're right, though. It would definitely work best as a background for her. I'll save that for the painting, though. For now perhaps a colour gradient similar to the background scheme I'm going to use in the final.

      Thanks bunches, Soozie!
      • Sep 13, 2006
        No problem Smile It HAS however given me an idea for a set of pics I can do MYSELF.... *raises eyebrow in interest*
        • Sep 13, 2006
          OOH OOH! Tell, do?
          • Sep 14, 2006
            Oh- nothing exciting- I was thinking of doing pictures of all the Arkillian Draagons with elemental powers crossing with their humour. I think I've done Alex's a million times... I'm sure Drakobitus's is meloncholy, Byan's is sanguine, and if I can get away with it... Gary would be earth... what was that... :p
            • Sep 14, 2006
              Ooooh, that sounds like fun. If I still feel like doing generic things after I'm done my sins, I'll be doing a series on the four elements. *grin* Aaah, overused ideas are blissfully fun. Wink
              • Sep 14, 2006
                We'll see if it happens first Wink

                Be good to see your 4 elements pics Smile Oh- BTW, you wouldn't be interested in doing a pic of my character Bryan- like the Alex one? (but different)
                • Sep 14, 2006
                  Yeah, dude, sure I would. me likies the picture-drawingness.

                  it might take me longer, though, because I'm in classes now. I've been in an art craze again, though, so who knows? But yeah - it would prolly take me a while.

                  Just let me know what you'd want via PM again, like before, and it's all cool.
  • Sep 14, 2006
    I can definetly see a burning rosebush behind her. But, unfortunately, the fire would mean that you'd have to stop being lazy (which we're all guilty of, especially me, so please don't think I'm accusing you of anything) and I don't think you want that. Laughing But it's still an awesome idea. Yes
    • Sep 14, 2006
      Laughing Being lazy? Actually, considering I'm doing my sketches in full colour already, that's a whole lot more work than I usually put into a series. Usually they're one-shot wonders. But, as Fembot knows, I'm planning on putting out money to get these professionally framed when I'm done, so I want them to be perfect. I think I'll try to colour in the fire, on that note. It should be easier than drawing fire in with pencil (as I've had to do before)....

      Much love! Heart
      • Sep 15, 2006
        Professional frames? Wow. Innocent That sounds great! I just checked out your final sketch thing and it looks awesome, too! Much love back! Hug
  • Sep 16, 2006
    I agree with arkillian. fire would go good
    • Sep 17, 2006
      I did end up doing fire. It's in my finished work now. Thanks!