Posted May 18, 2005, 9:58:43 PM
This is a picture of Belldandy from "Ah! My Goddess" Drawn with pencil, colored with colored pencil.

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  • May 18, 2005
    Wow this is pretty good. Too bad it's got that weird paper texture on it. From the thumbnail it looked like a cell painting Smile
    • May 19, 2005
      Thank you! Yes, I see what you mean about the texture. Its probably because I didn't color the original. I scaned the original line art, then scaned it, printed it, then colored the scan. I do this because I want to keep the original line art, and also I want to have a back up in case I royaly screw up the coloring. Ponder I should probably put this into photoshop and touch it up. Thanks! Big Smile
      • May 20, 2005
        Actually that's really smart that you scan your pencil drawing and print it out and color the print out. Smile
  • May 18, 2005
    She looks so beautiful! Great job! I love how you highlighted her hair. It looks so shiny! Beautiful job! *stands and applauds*
  • May 18, 2005
    It did look like a cel from the thumbnail. ^.^ I think her mouth is just a bit low, but this is beautiful!
    • May 19, 2005
      Thanks! =) Yes, I do see now that the mouth is too low. If I ever get to fixing the texture maybe I'll try to fix that at the same time.
  • May 26, 2005
    This is so beautiful! How did you get that effect with pencils?
    • May 26, 2005
      Thank you so much! Smile Well I use prismacolor pencils (which I love), and I'm assuming from looking at your work you use them as well order to obtain this color you have to color over your picture over and over and over with the pencils. This allows the soft lead in the prismas to build up on the paper and saturate it with color. I also use my white pencil ALOT too (I bought a couple extra white pencils since I use them so much). I go over the light colors, such as the skin, with it, then I use the peach colors and go over it in white again to blend it, then use the peach, over and over can take you hours to color, but I think in the end its worth it. Thanks for asking, I hope that helps :)
      • May 26, 2005
        Very, very cool. Thank you! Going to go try it now! ^_^
  • May 29, 2005
    I love the series and you did a wonderful job here. The texture is a bit distracting but you gotta love traditional medium.