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  • Cover for Last Chapter: Into the fog

    Last Chapter: Into the fog


    The fog was thick nothing that Nemesis's been through before. She used her large wings to soar through the fog cutting it like butter that reformed behind her. Riley was on the saddle on the lower part of her neck where it met Nemesis back.She was looking right and left with Wayre. She could not see anything though it. She hoped that they weren't flying into some sort of trap or bad situation. Her fingers gripped the reigns tightly as she was trying to calm her nerves. She looked to Wayre but his demeanor didn't calm her down. She gave Nemesis a pat "do what you do best protect and explore." Riley smiled at Nemesis. 

    Nemesis gave a low rumble as she trusted her wings down and gained more ground into the fog. She occasionally let out her plasma breathe though dissipating the fog slightly and only for a short second she just kept flying. She was prepared to take on this beast that kept eluding them. She wasn't scared. She was amped to fight if needed. She ain't letting something or someone get the better of her. Nemesis was so focused on the creature that she forgot the cold that surrounded her. Her thick fluffy helped her keep her warm body temperature but she would try and push her head back as she flew to let her fluff drape over her passengers a bit. Her outer coat of feathers had some crisp to them, but the under feathers were dry and warm. Though Nemesis is known for her unpleasant attitude towards other birds and people. She showed some bit of caring especially to Riley she was her peep. 

    Riley would push up on the saddle. "Nemesis, do you see anything ahead?At all?" She questioned her friend. Nemesis gave a soft and low heavy chirp with a head shake. Riley turned to Wayre and as she went through her pack she would take out a ration. "Here Wayre, this will help us stay warm. Food will fuel us. We need all the energy we can get. I promise Nemesis will get us to our destination safely. She never let me down." She gave Wayre a small smile hoping that was some reassurance.

    Nemesis felt Riley tug on her neck fluff a bit and she would lower herself till she reached the ice which almost came up to fast as it was hard to see. As she places a foot on the ice to land they slide for a good forty feet till her talons grasped into the ice land. She would lower herself down on the ground letting the both of them down. Riley would gather the bits of would she scavenged from the wreck and placed them in a pile. With the flying around it dried them out better then they were. Wayre helped Riley with the wood but also kept a look out for any more shadows. Nemesis's ear tufts were raised not that she needed them up. She too was on alert. She raised a wing high over them like a canopy. Riley looked at Wayre with concerned and as she motioned Nemesis to light the wood. Nemesis let a crackle of plasma and shot it at the wood and it ignited.


    Wayre looked out at the fog." We shouldn't sit out here for too long… people don't tend to come back out.our.. which means something" he spoke in a low tone. 


    Riley nodded. "Well we need warmth unlike miss bird here we do not have thick down.. what use will be frozen to death on her back." She ushered Wayre over. "If you're worried about the monsters, Nemesis will take 'em. Or shes good at getting out of dodge if I make her" she spoke confidently. Nemesis almost had a smile on her beak, she definitely had confidence and scars to back up Riley's claim. 

    They stayed in one place for an hour. The omnibus voices they think they heard were around. Wayre wasn't sure if he saw shadows or if it was in his head. Nemesis tried to rest a bit but it wasn't easy. The fire starts to die slowly and Wayre stood up and got himself situated. His hand went on Nemesis's side. Nemesis would look down and breathed out deeply as she looked at Wayre. She agreed with Wayre to head into the fog more she hoped to get to the other side. Riley got up and smothered what's left of the fire. "I suppose I am out voted" She nodded. She would hop onto Nemesis's back and helped Wayre. " you ready?"She asked. Wayre nodded. Nemesis would take off into the fog. She soared high hoping that.maybe the fog would end but she soon gave up that idea. She just decided to head straight into the fog more. Her eyes moved at any type of shadow were there or was this area just playing tricks on her. She gave a low grumble and let out a wave of shock throughout the fog. "Easy I know it's frustrating but we will get there " Riley gave a soft pat to Nemesis's neck as she flew further.

    This journey just felt longer and longer as Nemesis went on. She wanted to see this thing closer. Was she gonna have to fight or was it a divine being? She closed her eyes a moment listening to the wind go through her wings and feathers. It almost

     like there was peace in flying in the fog. She felt the wind going through her primary feathers, she banked to the left then the right swaying almost lost in her own little world. Wayre saw the slight trance Nemesis was in. " Hey big girl I would keep yourself well aware." He called out. Riley would flicked the reigns a bit and Nemesis snapped back to reality and shook her head. "She gave a loud screech letting others know she was awake and moving forward. She hoped the end of the journey was ahead soon… she felt it.


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