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Hello there! Thank you for stopping by.

If you are curious about me, here are a few things to know. I work in a lab overnights. I tend to draw to help with my stress levels. I am pretty much obsessed with Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Many Animes, ARPGs, and ect. I tend to draw in my spare time.


I am a proud co-owner of Dracostryx. If you have any questions my PMs are always open.


Commissions: ARPG Creature Stickers | $8 ARPG Activity Rolls | Current Specials on Activity Rolls!

Trades: PM me if you are interested

Collaborations: PM me if you are interested

Roleplay: PM me if you are interested

Characters for Sale/Trade: Kageh's Rookery Sales - stryx imports and genos

Slot Sales: Stryx Slot Sales

Misc Stryx Things: My Leasing  Permissions Journal

Gifts for Me: I'll accept art or lit of my stryx. No nsfw stuff though without my permission.

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Latest writing

  • Cover for Wisp Hunting Chronicles

    Wisp Hunting Chronicles

    The lycan dracostryx and his rider, Clover go wisp hunting.

  • Cover for Safe Travels

    Safe Travels

    A collab/roleplay between Dragonmissy and I with our characters and their stryx. Tags for the stryx since I can't find were to tag: DS9729 & DS10736

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  • Leasing Permissions

    Sep 6, 2022, 12:42:03 AM | 1 Comments | 2 min read
    Leasing Permissions This journal is for making leasing permissions for other players.    General Reminders & Rules The lease will last for however how long the agreement says. It can las
  • [DracoStryx] Rookery Sales

    Jun 13, 2022, 11:48:37 AM | 0 Comments | 2 min read
    Stryx Sales Terms of Service I am clearing out some of my hoard. Right now I am mainly looking for USD. However, I will look at stryx items, baubles, tokens, and AP. Here is how I work out my p
  • Sales Records

    Jan 3, 2022, 6:42:41 PM | 0 Comments | 5 min read
    This is mainly records for the past things that I have sold.       Draco Stryx - DOM unders!- SOLD   Sunyata 4313 X Filigree 11656- proof   1) Female - Common Tyto Tail - Scalloped
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