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Bookwyrm Bookmark



  • 1 for 40 Trokens
  • 10 for 340 Trokens
  • 20 for 560 Trokens
  • 30 for 720 Trokens
Unlimited quantity available

This item allows you to complete a Character development challenge even though the deadline has already passed. You can collect all rewards for the challenge including XP. To see a list of passed prompts, view the old prompts guide.

It also allows you to complete chapters other than the first chapter of a closed Campaign. The first chapter of a closed campaign requires a Junket Tank instead. You'll get all rewards for campaign chapters except for XP.


How to buy

To purchase this item, you'll need Trokens. You can purchase them from our shop or earn them from random item drops.

If you buy Bookwyrm Bookmarks in bulk, you'll get a discount:

15% discount when you buy 10
30% discount when you buy 20
40% discount when you buy 30


How to use

To use this item, follow the steps in the Character Development challenge to submit your entry, but include that you're using a Bookwyrm Bookmark in the form (the same form that asks for your character id and prompt).



  • you cannot complete the same prompt twice for the same character, regardless of whether or not you use this item.


Item art by Lauren Lee


  • Id: 853
  • Added on Aug 6, 2021
  • ✅ Can be purchased
  • ✅ Can be traded

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