Item Compendium

This page lists all items as part of PaperDemon Art RPG. Here you can learn more about the items, what they do, and purchase them. Inventory quantities are quantities belonging to the PaperDemon Art RPG store.

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ImageNameCategoryQnty LeftIdDate addedPurchasableSellableTradablePlayer EquipablePlayer De-equipableDe-equip poofTags
Chestplate armor kit Crafting materials457Apr 26, 2021 armorkit uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Greaves Armor Kit Crafting materials459Apr 26, 2021 armorkit uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Helmet Armor kit Crafting materials456Apr 26, 2021 armorkit uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Mageglass Crafting materials821Jun 23, 2021 uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Unicorn Earwax Consumables168Feb 2, 2021 uncommon-drop
Archaic Gear Scraps & Trash Items843Jul 21, 2021 uncommon-drop
Fairae Harp Scraps & Trash Items845Jul 21, 2021 uncommon-drop
Malevolent Machine Scraps & Trash Items844Jul 21, 2021 uncommon-drop
Melancholic Remnant Scraps & Trash Items846Jul 21, 2021 uncommon-drop
Sad Fairy Stuck in a Bottle Scraps & Trash Items826Jun 23, 2021 uncommon-drop