IMPORTANT Comics, Writing, and Private Messages DISABLED

Greetings PaperDemons,


We've had to temporarily disable our private messaging system, comics system, and old writing system due to a security vulnerability. Details below…


Private Messages

Members can no longer start new private messages or reply to existing ones. You can still view your private messages.


Art RPG admins can still send private messages to players via our queue system. But players will be unable to reply or create new private messages to other members.


When it will be fixed

I'm working hard on getting the private messaging system upgraded. Expect to see that up within about 2-3 weeks if not sooner. I'm prioritizing this above everything else.


Private messages are now working again!


Writing Submissions

Submitting and editing writing submissions in the old writing system have been disabled. Commenting on writing submissions has been disabled. Members can still view your old writing submissions. You can still submit and edit in our new writing system.


When it will be fixed

Since we already have the new writing system up, I don't want to invest time patching the old system. At some point I'll write a script to migrate old submissions to the new writing system automatically. Not sure when that will be out. I'll get back to you. You're welcome to delete your old submissions and resubmit them in the new writing system at any time.


Comic Submissions

Submitting and editing comics submissions have been disabled. Commenting on comics has been disabled. Members can still view your comics. 


When it will be fixed

I'm not sure when we'll have this fixed. I'm going to assess and see how much work it would be to upgrade the comics system. If it's something that can be accomplished within a few weeks, I'll prioritize this over other work we had planned. But if it looks like it will be much more work, then it may have to wait until next year. I'll post an update within a few weeks. 


The comics feature is not heavily used so it falls lower on the development priority list.



There was previously a link to edit a "signature" which would display custom text at the bottom of all of your comments and forum posts. However, it was not used in our new front end so it has been removed as part of this security update.


At this time, I'm not planning on patching/upgrading it. But if there's enough requests for it, I can look at upgrading it later. However we've got a lot of other priorities like new Art RPG features develop that we'd rather invest time in instead.


Other notes

The reason I had to disable these features instead of patching them is the level of effort involved to patch was too high. Out of caution, I decided to just disable them for now.


I'm sorry for not giving a warning about this. In the past, when we've had to shut down features, we've given a warning. But due to the nature of the vulnerability, it was safer to shut it down immediately and notify everyone afterwards.


I know this sucks. It is pretty rare that we'd have to take down big parts of our site like this. But the security of our members is more important than keeping up these features.


Art submissions, forums, characters, items, other art rpg features, and other stuff not mentioned in this post are unaffected by this vulnerability and remain online.


Thank you for understanding. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!