My Names Ley. Please to meet you. Im quiet most of the time and I would talk a storm if I like you. Im often quite pessimistic about myself. But im always optimistic with friends. I like to smoke once in awhile and I love to drink with friends. I like sharp bladed weapons. Especially swords. I practiced daily as often as I can in kung-fu weaponry and Japanese Kendo. Im not a geek I swear. =P Im very tolerant about other people's religion, but I would hate you if you try to force someone to convert cause thier beliefs is considered "wrong". Las Vegas isnt that great. Unless you live where the casinos are then yeah. I get confused being mexican alot here. I make friends with more girls then I do guys. Guys are never ashamed when they talk about girls as sex objects 24/7 and mostly have no brains. I do however have a small group of guys as friends. My band, my best friend Jasen, and a few others whom I honored to consider as brothers. I love drawing. But I wont turn it into a career. I do pencil scketces. Mostly with drawing profiles. Im turning more into photography. I wish I had hair as long as Johnny Depps. Im a hopeless romantic. I never dated much cause either im too busy at work or im really, really, really shy. I dont take betrayals lightly, nor do I forget and forgive them. I have my standards on girls, but im not shallow as hell. Usually personality wins in the end. Slipknot is my favorite metal band. Worship them maggots! I have a fasination with skulls. When I wear something with skulls, I represent my respect of my people of Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime. Even though im an athiest, I love angels. Im a singer in my band. I fucking love SUSHI. I hate stupid questions from ignorant people. I also hate know-it-alls. Spiders scare the crap out of me. The world shuts me up so I cant laugh. But I laugh at the world with contempt.

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