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Welcome to Aquella, a primarily aquatic world and home to the feisty and agile sea dragon: the Aqrion!

While Aquella plays host to a variety of ocean critters and the fauna native to the island chains that make up the surface, the Aqrion is the most abundant species on the planet.

Dragons of Aquella is a closed species arpg with a relaxed atmosphere.

So, come join us! We welcome all people and art forms. Collect your own sea dragon, breed your own clutch, go hunt down some fish, and role-play with your new friends!

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  • Reward Redemption

    Mar 14, 2021, 1:14:24 AM | 121 Comments | 2 min read
    Congratulations!  Your SP has been counted and your rewards are ready to be claimed.     - Your Submission requires to have been processed by an Admin in the SP queue first! (No exceptions!) otherwis
  • SP Count Submissions

    Mar 14, 2021, 1:12:29 AM | 341 Comments | 2 min read
    Note: General Art/Lit will allow up to 4 player owned dragons to count for SP. ​Any additional dragons may be included, but they will not receive counts for SP.   We are going to review and count all
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