• Admin Applications

    Mar 29, 2021, 4:20:15 PM | 0 Comments | 1 min read


    We are looking to add a few more Admins to our team! We are looking to add one more SP Counter and a Banker.

    Sp Counters will both Count SP and update imports accordingly. They will also work on the Reward Redemption ques as well.

    Bankers will do most of our bank related ques as well as crafting and market requests.

    Please fill out your application in the comments below!

    You must be 18+ to apply. Discord is required!

    DA Username:

    PD Username:

    Discord Username:

    Job Applying for:

    Age Bracket:


    ARPG Experience:

    Why do you want to join the team?:



  • Reward Redemption

    Mar 14, 2021, 1:14:24 AM | 107 Comments | 2 min read

    Congratulations!  Your SP has been counted and your rewards are ready to be claimed.



    - Your Submission requires to have been processed by an Admin in the SP queue first! (No exceptions!) otherwise your request might result in a Rejection.

    - You are not able to claim SP and Rewards at the same time in this queue! Only Rewards!

    - You are able to claim rewards after the Deadlines have been passed (Events, Monthly Chellanges, etc) as long as the entry has been submitted to the SP queue BEFORE the deadline!



    Comment below with the following:

    (Please Post one comment per art/lit)


    SP Approval Comment: (REQUIRED, approval comment, not the piece)

    Link to Piece: (link to the PD submission)

    Type: Activity/Trial/Training/General Art/Event/Monthly Challenge

    Event and/or Month:  (List and LINK the event page)

    Prompt: (Please specify which prompt the piece is fulfilling!)


    Import: (link of import)

    Import Tracker: (if it doesn't exist yet please let us know and one will be made)

    Player Log: (link to your player log)

    Lease Permission: (link)

    Guide/Trainer Dragon: (link Import, if applicable)

    Companion: (link)


    Guide's Perks:  (list, if applicable)

    Items:  (list, if applicable)

    Skills:  (list, if applicable)


    Rewards: (If there is a Choice of rewards, please let us know which one you'd like!)


  • SP Count Submissions

    Mar 14, 2021, 1:12:29 AM | 235 Comments | 2 min read


    General Art/Lit will allow up to 4 player owned dragons to count for SP.

    ​Any additional dragons may be included, but they will not receive counts for SP.


    We are going to review and count all art/lit first, and then it can go into the Reward Redemption Blog.​

    This helps the admins streamline their work in the ques.

    The art is looked at/read to meet requirements and the SP has been counted and rewarded to the dragon.

    Your dragons will automatically rank up and receive the rewards of the achieved rank!


    - You are allowed to submit sheets, comics and literature.

    - Please use one comment per submitted art/lit.
    - Please include all dragons that you own in one comment.

    - Its the Aqrions owners responsibility to get their SP counted.

    - You are not able to claim SP and Rewards at the same time in this queue! Only SP!

    - After getting your SP confirmed you can head to the Reward Redemption queue



    NOTE: Admins do NOT forward your submissions to the redemption queue anymore!



    Comment below with the following:


    Link to Piece: (link)

    Type: Activity/Trial/Training/General Art/Event/Monthly Challenge

    Gift Art/Collaboration/Payment/Commission?: (link other artist)

    Event and/or Month:  (list and link)

    Prompt: (Please specify which prompt the piece is fulfilling!)


    Import: (link of import)

    Import Tracker: (if it doesn't exist yet please let us know and one will be made)

    Player Log: (link to your player log)

    Lease Permission: (link)

    Guide/Trainer Dragon: (link Import, if applicable)

    Other DoA Dragon: (link Import)

    Companion: (link)

    Other ARPG: (link Import)


    Guide's Perks:  (list, if applicable)

    Items:  (list, if applicable)

    Skills:  (list, if applicable)


    SP Count:


    [FULL SP Counts here]


    Total SP = ##

  • Lua's Love Day 2021

    Feb 27, 2021, 8:28:35 PM | 0 Comments | 4 min read


    Love is in the Air!


    The season's have started to shift. Currents begin to fill the cold waters with warmth once again.

    Plant life begins to rouse from it's hibernation, sprouting in vibrant colours once more.


    Aqrion young and old begin to feel this change, frolicking like little pups.

    They begin to get giddy and flirty with this renewing warmth.




    During this event, Aqrion will be able to earn their Trials of Aquella Trophy!

    Jewel of Aquella by Aqrion-Admin


    Grab a partner, spin them around and let's have some fun!




    - Entries must be Fullbody, Coloured or Grayscale, and contain at least a Standard Background.

    - Literature must be 700 Word Count. For every additional participating dragon, you must add 150 Words to your piece.

    - Multiple dragons may participate together. A maximum of 4 dragons may participate per entry.

    - Collaborations are also welcome!

    - A guide Dragon is not needed to complete these prompts.


    - Disabled dragons must complete the Disability Prompt below before they can complete the main prompt. ***


    You only need to complete one of these prompts!

    Aqrion who already have their Trials may still enter!

    Event ends May 2 at 11:59 pm PST.




    Prompt 1:

    Sometimes you just need to dance with you're mate under moonlight until you're heart's content.  Woo a mate through a love dance!


    *Show your Aqrion elaborately dancing with a partner under the moonlit sky.*


    - They may be entwined and gazing deeply into each other's eyes.

    - Backgrounds may include details such as icebergs in the water.  An Island in the horizon may contain snow and early blooming flowers.


    Prompt 2:

    Other ways of attracting a mate is by dressing up in beautifully adorned plants and flowers.  And then showing off!


    *Show your Aqrion elaborately dressed in wild fauna (sea or land), shells, and other items, and strutting their stuff at another Aqrion.*


    - He may be blushing with how ridiculous he feels.  Or he may be simply love-struck for the partner he's trying to woo.

    - Backgrounds may include freshly growing plant life and/or flowers with vibrant greens.  The moon would be casting light through the water and on the surface.


    Prompt 3:

    Sometimes, wooing mate's the old fashioned way is tricky and unrewarding.  Sometimes, it is best to simply chase you're loved one for a while.  Playing small harmless pranks along the way.


    *Show your Aqrion giggling and chasing each other through the newly grown fauna.*


    - They most likely will have giddy looks of love on their face.  They may be giggling or laughing like little girls.

    - Backgrounds may include freshly growing kelp, seagrass, and many other plants.  Creatures hidden in the sand may begin emerging from their hibernation.



        ***Disabled Prompt:



    Your dragon must learn to master his disability before they are ready for the world. Here, Mochi the old Pygmy Singer, is here to help you hone your skills.

    Mochi helps the disabled dragons learn to make connections with other disabled dragons. She also helps to build communities to be more accepting of others and educate other healthy dragons about living with disabilities and how to normalize them.

    Today, she is teaching the community group how to make flower wreaths.


    *Show your Aqrion making a flower wreath with Mochi or another disabled dragon*


    - They may be struggling at their task, or succeeding with flying colours.

    - Backgrouds may be full of flowering fauna.




    - Trials of Aquella for participating Dragon, this may be claimed multiple times.

    These may only be claimed once per person:
    - x1000 Pearls
    - x1 Pygmy Singer Mystery Eggs [Silver]

    Event ends on May 2 at 11:59pm pst
  • Pygmy Starter Design Contest

    Feb 27, 2021, 8:26:59 PM | 42 Comments | 2 min read

    Hello Everyone!


    We have a Starter Design Contest for you!  This time of our newest species, the Pygmy Singers!


    You may find the template here!


    First, the Unique BG these guys will be having is not quite ready yet. Apologies!

    They will all be getting the Radioactive Reef Biome.






    All starters may be of any base and body type.


    We would like the starters to have:

    - 2 Basic Markings

    - 2-4 Common Markings

    - 1-3 Uncommon Markings

    - 1 Rare or Exotic or Legendary Marking 

    - 1-3 Mutations


    Elements ideally would be common and uncommon.  We will use a few rare elements as well.


    Legendary markings are allowed, but please avoid stacking royal, oil and legendary markings on a single design.  We want all of our starters to have roughly the same value, this enables us to have all of our starter slots be sold at the same price. :)

    If for example you choose a royal and oil, then it would be best if the import only had a few basic or common markings.


    Please upload the png file into your stash or private PD gallery (just like a design approval)
    And Link them below here!


    Rewards for Participating:

    - x1000 Pearls

    - x1 Starter Slot


    Rewards for chosen design:

    - x1000 Pearls

    - x1 Gold Conch

    - x1 Starter Slot



    We will accept designs until April 11st, at 11:59pm pst

  • New Years Event Challenge

    Jan 14, 2021, 1:57:03 AM | 0 Comments | 3 min read

    This event will run January 13 - March 10, 2021.


    The New Year is upon us, and with it comes a new creative challenge. This challenge is in collaboration with Dracostryx, Dragons of Aquella, and PaperDemon.

    We highly encourage you to collaborate or create gift art for players of other ARPGs! 

    Check out PaperDemon's prompts Here.



    Thunder rumbled ominously through the skies, strong enough to shake the Journeyships’ solar masts. The storm had roiled up from the horizon in the span of a handful of heartbeats, nearly unnatural in its speed. The caravan of airships hadn’t the speed to outrun it, and no portals to safe shores existed for miles in any direction. All they could do was pray that their ships would hold.


    Lightning snapped across the bow of a smaller ship. Crates of fireworks exploded across the deck in a riot of colors, setting the ship aflame. Its crew scrambled to put out the fire, but even through the driving rain it persisted. The ship limped low, crew throwing boxes overboard to keep it in the air.


    Suddenly, sleek shapes appeared in the water below. Aqrions, beckoning to the crew to abandon ship. Above, massive feathered dragons rocketed down through the clouds. Dracostryx, seeking to pull people from the flaming ships.

    The heroes of the Paperverse portal in from countless worlds, teaming up with beasts of sky and sea to bring the Journeyships home.


    The Rescue:


    Cargo and crew are scattered across the rough seas below the disaster in the sky. Boats and swimmers rush to their rescue, with you among them. 


    Draw or write your Aqrion assisting in the rescue efforts alongside one of the Dracostryx or the Avangard.


    If you don’t already know any Dracostryx Players, join the Dracostryx Discord and ask for volunteers!

    If you don’t already know any Avangard Players, join the PaperDemon ARPG Discord and ask for volunteers!



    - Visual Art must be Fullbody, Coloured, and contain a Standard Background.

    - Literature Art must be a minimum of 700 words.  Each participating dragon must add an additional 150 Words.

    - A Dracostryx or an Avangard character must be present in the entry.  These will count as other ARPG for the SP Bonus.



    - +6 Event SP

    - x1,000 Pearls

    - x1 Silver Conch

    - x10 Iron Bar

    - Storm Petrel companion

    - Badge for participation on each dragon added.

  • Import Approval and Corrections 2021

    Jan 12, 2021, 3:57:31 PM | 335 Comments | 1 min read

    Once your design is ready to go, you must submit them for approval.
    They may not be uploaded, only the official accounts my upload the imports into galleries.
    The only exception are places like Toyhouse and only when providing the link to the official import.



    Information on how to submit your design can be viewed here!



    Once your design is posted, here with the following:

    Import: (PD or sta'sh link)
    Proof of Ownership: (link)
    Items used: (in bank or link)
    Background: (free, or purchased + bank/proof)
    Player Log: (link)



    If a design needs corrections, you submit the new using the same process.
    Please submit the updated design in a new image and do not update the old post.  We need to see the incorrect design to judge and make sure the corrections were fixed.

    You would submit the corrected design with this form:

    Import's old Design(s): (link)
    Import's New design: (link)
    Proof of Ownership: (link)
    Items used: (in bank or link)
    Background: (free, or purchased + bank/proof)
    Player Log: (link)

  • Adoption Center/Hatchery 2021

    Jan 1, 2021, 8:48:29 PM | 284 Comments | 2 min read

    The Adoption Center is where lost or unwanted Aqrion come to live under the care of loving members of the community and find new homes for these little dragons!

    Sometimes, breeders might become overwhelmed with bountiful clutches, or an individual may find themselves in situations where they can no longer keep their Aqrion.
    The Adoption Center is a safe haven that provides these owners with help and relief, and that they will do their utmost to care for and re-home every single Aqrion pup.


    Want to bring an Aqrion home?

    Everyone is allowed to adopt ONCE from the center.

    View the adoption listings here.

    Adopt Here!

    Found an Egg and you want to hatch it?

    Bring it on in, our experts will carefully help you figure out what it will hatch into.

    Hatch Here!


    Need to bring an Aqrion to the Adoption Center?

    Surrender Here!

    You may surrender as many Aqrion as you wish.
    You will be compensated with Pearls for the pup.

    Pearl Payouts:



    Giant = 100
    Polar = 150
    Abyssal = 200
    Sea Skimmer = 175
    Pygmy Singer = 125
    Phin Singer = 150
    Fluke Singer = 175

    Body Type:
    Common = 10
    Smooth = 50
    Horned = 50
    Frilled = 100
    Spined = 100
    Royal = 200

    Common = 15
    Uncommon = 30
    Rare = 60
    Exotic = 120

    Basic = 5
    Common = 10
    Uncommon = 30
    Rare = 60
    Exotic = 120
    Legendary = 240

    Common Physical = 20
    Uncommon Physical = 40
    Rare Physical = 60
    Base Coat = 80
    Special = 200

    Common = 5
    Uncommon = 20
    Rare = 100


    Fill in your request below:

    (One geno/import per comment please)

    Request: Adopt/Surrender/Hatch
    Adoption Number: (if applicable)
    Geno: (if applicable)
    Proof: (if applicable)



    2020 Requests: Here

  • Bank 2021

    Jan 1, 2021, 8:45:16 PM | 260 Comments | 2 min read

    Welcome to our Bank!

    Here we will store all of your items! 
    They shall be guarded well residing in the ancient vault.


    To view your vault, please click here:  Dragons of Aquella Bank


    To open an Account:

    New Account: Your username


    To create a Player Log:

    PD Account: [Link to PaperDemon account]
    PD ID: user0000
    DA Account: [Link to Deviantart account if known]


    To claim the Starter Item Box:

    (You may only claim this once)

    Starter Box please!
    Player Log: [Link]

    Items in the Box:

    x1 Mystery Egg [Copper]
    x1 Turtle Wisp

    x10 Bait Fish
    x2 Large Fish
    x1 Rare Fish

    x50 Seagrass
    x1 Lobster
    x2 Jellyfish

    x2 Driftwood
    x1 Ink
    x1 Obsidian
    x1 Quartz
    x1 Ruby
    x5 Sand
    x2 Tiger Eye

    x2 Glass Vial
    x10 Pigments
    x5 Leather
    x5 Iron Bar
    x1 Copper Bar

    x100 Pearls
    x1 Gold Conch




    To make a Deposit:

    To make a deposit into your vault please fill this form.
    Please only 5 deposits per comment.

    Item(s) to deposit:
    Proof:  xx
    Player Log (link)



    To make a Transfer:

    If you want to trade goods between vaults please fill this form.

    Transfer items to:
    Items to be Transferred:  xx
    My Player Log: (link)
    Transfer's Player Log: (link)


    To use a Conch:

    When you are ready to use a Conch on an Import, please fill out this form!

    Import: (link)
    Import's Tracker: (if available, if not new one will be created)
    Player's Log: (link, if not new one will be created)
    Proof: (if not in Bank)
    Type of Conch: xx




    2020 Bank transactions: Here

  • Breeding Requests 2021

    Jan 1, 2021, 8:38:17 PM | 342 Comments | 1 min read

    Each player may use two breeding slots per month.
    One request per comment!
    No conversations here please.
    Please don't reply to breeding results except for the sale/transfer of a geno.


    You must have proof of the slot in order to breed!

    If breeding a member dragon, you must have proof of the Breeding Approval.
    All dragons must have their Trials of Aquella before they can breed.


    Sire: (link)
    Dam: (link)

    Sire's Approval:  xx
    Dam's Approval:  xx
    Clutch Details:  xx
    Breeding Number:  1 or 2 of the month
    Player Log: (link)


    Breeding Numbers and Percentages may be found Here!

    Used Breeding slots can be viewed Here!


    2020 Breedings: here.