• Starter Design Contest - Toothed Singer

    Mar 12, 2022, 6:26:29 PM | 9 Comments | 2 min read

    Hello!  We are pleased to announce the release of our next dragon species. The Toothed Singers

    We wish to bring them into our world with a starter design contest!


    Every may participate!  We are looking for 12 starters, 6 male and 6 female.
    If we have a surplus of awesome designs, we may raffle some off after the design event ends.


    Import Templates

    Species Information


    Special Features

    Import Information





    - You may enter more than once design.

    - Please fill out the import information as best you can.

    - You may give them a name and sex.  We will do our best to keep the chosen sex.

    - Multiple designs may be chosen from a single person, you will only get the rewards once.

    - Please let us know if we could use our design as a raffle dragon.



    - If your design is chosen, you will receive x1 Silver Mystery Egg (Toothed).  One per person.  

    - For participating, you will receive x2 Starter Slots. Per person.


    Import Rules:

    BodyType: Any Body type may be chosen.

    Base:  Any Base Coat can be chosen.

    Element: Any Element may be chosen.

    Mutations: Any mutations may be chosen. 1-3 is ideal and may be carried.


    Markings: Up to 8 markings total.  May be carried as well.

    - Ideally 1-2 Basic

    - 1-3 Common

    - 1-2 Uncommon

    - 1-2 Rare, OR 1 Exotic, OR 1 Legendary


    - If using an Exotic Marking, please use them on Common Body Type, with Uncommon or lower Base Coat, and Uncommon or lower Element.

    - If using a Legendary marking, please use them on a Common Body Type, with Common Base Coat, and Common Element only.



    Comment below with links to your Design and filled out import templates!

    Contest will close April 16th.

  • Lua's Love Day 2022

    Jan 30, 2022, 2:22:57 AM | 0 Comments | 4 min read


    Love is in the Air!


    The season's have started to shift. Currents begin to fill the cold waters with warmth once again.

    Plant life begins to rouse from it's hibernation, sprouting in vibrant colours once more.


    Aqrion young and old begin to feel this change, frolicking like little pups.

    They begin to get giddy and flirty with this renewing warmth.




    During this event, Aqrion will be able to earn their Trials of Aquella and their Disability Training!


    Grab a partner, spin them around and let's have some fun!




    - Entries must be Fullbody, Coloured or Grayscale, and contain at least a Standard Background.

    - Literature must be 700 Word Count. For every additional participating dragon, you must add 150 Words to your piece.

    - Multiple dragons may participate together. A maximum of 4 dragons may participate.

    - Collaborations are also welcome!

    - Guide Dragons are not required.

    - You may enter multiple times!

    - If you do not own a dragon yet, you may participate with any of our Starter Dragons!


    You only need to complete one of these prompts!

    Aqrion who already have their Trials may still enter!

    Event ends Feb 28 at 11:59 pst


        Trials of Aquella Prompts:


    Prompt 1: Dancing under the Moon

    Sometimes you just need to dance with your mate under moonlight until your heart's content.  Woo a mate through a love dance!


    *Show your Dragon elaborately dancing with a partner under the moonlit sky.*


    Prompt 2: Show off

    Other ways of attracting a mate is by dressing up in beautifully adorned plants and flowers.  And then showing off!


    *Show your Dragon elaborately dressed in wild fauna (sea or land), shells, and other items, and strutting their stuff at another Aqrion.*


    Prompt 3: Race your Mate

    Sometimes, wooing mate's the old fashioned way is tricky and unrewarding.  Sometimes, it is best to simply chase your loved one for a while.  Playing small harmless pranks along the way.


    *Show your Dragon giggling and chasing each other through the newly grown fauna.*


    Prompt 4: Sparring

    Some dragons may not be looking for love, but the Spring season brings out the friskiness out of everyone.  Some dragons prefer to find a friend to spar with!  Some sparr to get the attention of a mate.  Others spar because sparring is fun!


    *Show your Dragon sparring with a partner.*


    Disability Training Prompts:


    Your dragon must learn to master his disability before they are ready for the world. Here, Mochi the old Pygmy Singer, is here to help you hone your skills.

    Mochi helps the disabled dragons learn to make connections with other disabled dragons. She also helps to build communities to be more accepting of others and educate other healthy dragons about living with disabilities and how to normalize them.


    All Disability Training types may be earned!  One prompt per disability.



    Prompt A: Wreaths with Mochi

    Today, Mochi is teaching the community group how to make flower wreaths. These are very tricky to make, but make an awesome gift once completed.


    *Show your Dragon making a flower wreath with Mochi or another disabled dragon*


    Prompt B: Lua Love Cards

    Perhaps flower wreaths are not your thing, but everyone enjoys getting a Love card.  Mochi helps the group make little Love cards to pass around to all of your friends.  They are often filled with little hearts, shells, and bit’s of glitter.


    *Show your Dragon making a Love cards with Mochi or another disabled dragon*



    Rewards are repeatable!
    Rewards are earned per each dragon you own in each entry.


    - Trials of Aquella / Disability Training

    - x2 Heart Candy 


    Heart Candy may be used to Purchase many cool items!

    Click here to view and purchase items with Heart Candies.


  • Monthly Challenge 2021

    Jan 1, 2022, 6:20:59 PM | 0 Comments | 5 min read

    All monthly challenges must be completed during the month in order to receive the item and pearl prizes.

    These May only be claimed once!


    You may draw the challenges at any time and may be completed by multiple dragons.

    All older challenges will still grant their bonus +6 SP.

    You must link the monthly challenge in your comments in order to receive the bonus SP.



    - Entries must be Fullbody, Coloured or Grayscale, and contain at least a Standard Background.

    - Literature must be 700 Word Count. For every additional participating dragon, you must add 150 Words to your piece.

    - Multiple dragons may participate together. A maximum of 4 dragons may participate.

    - Collaborations are also welcome!

    TO ENTER: 

    - Entries must be posted on PD before the end date of the month.  

    - Submit them to the SP Counting que.
    - Once counted, you may submit them to the Reward Redemption que for your rewards.  

    - These may be submitted after the due date and will be honoured, as long as the entry piece was posted on PD before the end date.


    Your form in the MC que should look like this:

    Import: (link)(s)

    Monthly Challenge: (Month/Year)

    Player Profile: (link)


    - All Entries completed will earn +6 SP for the MC bonus!

    - If submitted before the due date, you will receive bonus rewards!



    Rewards for the Monthly Challenge will be awarded via the ARPG Ques and not in the comments below.



    June 2022:


    With three moons, Lunar Eclipses occur fairly often in the world of Aquella.
    The moons are all a different size and tend to leave different colours; Proluo tends create red, Lua pink, and Enule a blue.

    Corals at the equitorial tropical reefs often glow at night with mild bioluminesence.

    What's even better than a glowing greenish reef?
    A glowing reef in varying hues of red, pink or blue!

    It's quite a sight to behold!

    Dragons from around the world will often travel to this glowing reef to watch the glowing reef.

    Here they gather with friends and share stories from over the winter season, before moving onto the true summer activities.


    - Pick a moon hue and depict your dragon exploring the glowing reef at night - 



    x500 Pearls

    x1 Your Choice of Sea Fearie!

    Ice Flower








    March/April 2022:


    Hello and Welcome!

    This month’s Prompt will run for March and April!  Yay!


    Your dragon spots a pod of unknown dragons.  They resemble a mix of orcas and leopard seals.  They outnumber you, and look like they could be dangerous.  So you decide it’s best to not interact directly with them.  Perhaps you follow them at a safe distance.  Studying them and as to what they are.

    After some time, you hear some strained clicking noises behind you.  You turn around, startled and confused.  To your surprise, there was a tiny calf in front of you.  He looks to be the same species as the dragons you’ve been following.   He seems too young to speak, and perhaps even too frail.  You aren’t sure why this guy has fallen behind and no one has noticed him.  He definitely looks to be too young for traveling, perhaps he lost his mother?  You gently grab his flipper and attempt to catch up to the pod.  Surely they know more about this situation.


    - Depict your dragon trying to catch up to and/or communicate with the pod, with the tiny calf in tow. - 



    x500 Pearls

    x1 Silver Toothed Singer Egg





    January 2022:


    A new year begins! 

    Full of hope and wonder, every dragon making new years resolutions.

    Do you make a new year's resolution?  Is it one you can manage to stick to?  We all try so hard don't we.

    After the end of year feasts and naps, one wants to start fresh!  Even though it's still dark and cold during the winter months, dragons will wake up and bustle around on this day.

    Dragons love traditions!  Sopmetimes they make new traditions, but most often, they will follow some old traditions.

    One of the traditions on the New Year is to hold a Lantern Festival!

    Every year dragons build little lanterns and decorate them with all sorts of colours and patterns!

    They fill them with glowing beads and with a little puff of hot air, they send them floating upwards.

    Some launch them on the water surface, and some launch them fromt he depths of the abyssal plains.  
    Both are fantastic sights to behold!



    Depict your dragon building, decorating or launching a festive lit lantern along other dragons and their lanterns.  -



    x500 Pearls

    x1 Tiny Glowhorse





    Previous Year Prompts:



  • Import Chances/Leasing 2021

    Jan 1, 2022, 5:05:54 PM | 55 Comments | 2 min read

    Sometimes you want to update your import's information.
    Or perhaps equip some Armor.
    Or give them a new companion friend.

    This is where you would do that!



    Fill out this form and comment here.


    Import: (link)
    Import Tracker: (link)
    Information to Change: (list if multiple)
    New Design: (link if applicable)

    Items/Companions used: (list all items)
    Proof of Items: (bank or link)

    Player Log: (link)


    - Small edits are allowed in this que.  Such as touching up a marking, using a lineart edit kit, equiping items and companions, even adding art to show elements, items and/or companions.

    - Everyone is allowed to fully redesign their aqrion free of charge, however, all Art and Lit that display/describe the old design must be updated to meet the new look of your aqrion!
    - To fully redesign your aqrion, you must head to the Approval/Corrections queue, as we have to fully judge the design from a-new.




    Leasing your character to a Player

    What is Leasing?

    Leasing is the permission you give to other players that allows them to draw your character to claim rewards for the submission they created.
    The leasing will only be in effect for the specified amount of time that the owner allowed to lease the dragon to a specific person.

    The Dragon owner will get the SP created, and the Leaser will get all the rewards that they have created.

    For example, if someone doesn't have their own character yet, but they want to participate in the current MC/Event to get the rewards, you could lease them your dragon to claim the prices instead of you.
    Don't be alarmed, you are still able to draw your character, claim their rewards from your own submission, like you normally would :3
    The Submissions that were made with the dragon you leased is redeemable for SP <3

    - You can only claim Event/MC rewards once, even if you draw your own dragon and use a leasing dragon at the same time!


    Please include this permalink in the queue's so we can confirm that you are indeed leasing the dragon.


    Fill out this form and reply here:


    Leasing: (import link)
    To: whom you are leasing to.
    Duration of Lease: (ex: Jan 1th, 2021)
    Leasing Rules: (ex: no extra characters, only for MC, only for the Event, may be used 5 times, etc)

    My Player Log: (link)
    Leaser's Player Log: (link)




    2021 Import Changes and Leasing: Here

  • Import Approval and Corrections 2022

    Jan 1, 2022, 4:55:05 PM | 115 Comments | 1 min read

    Once your design is ready to go, you must submit them for approval.
    They may not be uploaded, only the official accounts my upload the imports into galleries.
    The only exception are places like Toyhouse and only when providing the link to the official import.



    Information on how to submit your design can be viewed here!



    Once your design is posted, here with the following:

    Import: (PD or sta'sh link)
    Proof of Ownership: (link)
    Items used: (in bank or link)
    Background: (free, or purchased + bank/proof)
    Player Log: (link)



    If a design needs corrections, you submit the new using the same process.
    Please submit the updated design in a new image and do not update the old post.  We need to see the incorrect design to judge and make sure the corrections were fixed.

    You would submit the corrected design with this form:

    Import's old Design(s): (link)
    Import's New design: (link)
    Proof of Ownership: (link)
    Items used: (in bank or link)
    Background: (free, or purchased + bank/proof)
    Player Log: (link)



    2021 Import Approval and Corrections: Here.

  • Crafting 2022

    Jan 1, 2022, 4:46:49 PM | 24 Comments | 1 min read

    Everyone is allowed to participate in crafting!

    There are no failure chances.

    You may craft items for yourself or trade them.

    Items will automatically be deposited into your Bank Account!


    To view the Crafting recipes please click here!


    Make crafting comments below:


    Item: Link Item you wish to craft

    Ingredients: (please list and provide proof if items are not in your bank)

    Player Log: (provide Link)

    Import: (link)

    Skills: (list, if any)



    2021 Crafting: Here

  • Bank 2022

    Jan 1, 2022, 4:39:48 PM | 67 Comments | 2 min read

    Welcome to our Bank!

    Here we will store all of your items! 
    They shall be guarded well residing in the ancient vault.



    Why do I need a player log?
    A playerlog is used to keep track of any activites you make inside of the DOA ARPG, such as transfering Imports, Items, leveling Aqrions, getting Rewards from Events etc.
    You have to link for nearly anything your playerlog so you should always have it nearby whenever you want to do something inside of the ARPG.

    We highly recommend that you click on ''follow this topic'' inside of your playerlog so that you will receive notifications whenever a new update has been made in your playerlog!



    To view your vault, please click here:  Dragons of Aquella Bank


    To create a Player Log & Bank account:

    PD Account: [Link to PaperDemon account]
    PD ID: user0000
    DA Account: [Link to Deviantart account if known]


    To claim the starter box you must make a seperate request to claim it [You MUST have a playerlog to claim the start box]



    To claim the Starter Item Box:


    ''Starter Box please!
    Player Log: [Link]''


    Starterbox's can only be claimed once!


    Items you will receive upon claiming:

    x1 Mystery Egg [Copper]
    x1 Turtle Wisp

    x10 Bait Fish
    x2 Large Fish
    x1 Rare Fish

    x50 Seagrass
    x1 Lobster
    x2 Jellyfish

    x2 Driftwood
    x1 Ink
    x1 Obsidian
    x1 Quartz
    x1 Ruby
    x5 Sand
    x2 Tiger Eye

    x2 Glass Vial
    x10 Pigments
    x5 Leather
    x5 Iron Bar
    x1 Copper Bar

    x100 Pearls
    x1 Gold Conch




    To make a Deposit:

    To make a deposit into your vault please fill this form.
    Please only 5 deposits per comment.

    Item(s) to deposit:
    Proof:  xx
    Player Log (link)



    To make a Transfer:

    If you want to trade goods between vaults please fill this form.

    Transfer items to:
    Items to be Transferred:  xx
    My Player Log: (link)
    Transfer's Player Log: (link)


    To use a Conch:

    When you are ready to use a Conch on an Import, please fill out this form!

    Import: (link)
    Import's Tracker: (if available, if not new one will be created)
    Player's Log: (link, if not new one will be created)
    Proof: (if not in Bank)
    Type of Conch: xx




    2021 Bank transactions: Here

    2020 Bank transactions: Here

  • Adoption Center 2022

    Jan 1, 2022, 4:35:22 PM | 46 Comments | 2 min read

    The Adoption Center is where lost or unwanted Aqrion come to live under the care of loving members of the community and find new homes for these little dragons!

    Sometimes, breeders might become overwhelmed with bountiful clutches, or an individual may find themselves in situations where they can no longer keep their Aqrion.
    The Adoption Center is a safe haven that provides these owners with help and relief, and that they will do their utmost to care for and re-home every single Aqrion pup.


    Want to bring an Aqrion home?

    Everyone is allowed to adopt ONCE from the center.

    View the adoption listings here.

    Adopt Here!


    Need to bring an Aqrion to the Adoption Center?

    Surrender Here!

    You may surrender as many Aqrion as you wish.
    You will be compensated with Pearls for the pup.

    Pearl Payouts:



    Giant = 100
    Polar = 150
    Abyssal = 200
    Sea Skimmer = 175
    Pygmy Singer = 125
    Phin Singer = 150
    Fluke Singer = 175

    Body Type:
    Common = 10
    Smooth = 50
    Horned = 50
    Frilled = 100
    Spined = 100
    Royal = 200

    Common = 15
    Uncommon = 30
    Rare = 60
    Exotic = 120

    Basic = 5
    Common = 10
    Uncommon = 30
    Rare = 60
    Exotic = 120
    Legendary = 240

    Common Physical = 20
    Uncommon Physical = 40
    Rare Physical = 60
    Base Coat = 80
    Special = 200

    Common = 5
    Uncommon = 20
    Rare = 100


    Fill in your request below:

    (One geno/import per comment please)

    Request: Adopt/Surrender/Hatch
    Adoption Number: (if applicable)
    Geno: (if applicable)
    Proof: (if applicable)



    2021 Requests: Here

    2020 Requests: Here

  • Grassy Shoals Starter Slots

    Jan 1, 2022, 4:31:20 PM | 22 Comments | 1 min read

    Hello and welcome to the Grassy Shoals!

    Here we find many ancient Aqrion resting among the shallow warm waters.

    Both wise and strong, they are willing to pass down their knowledge to whomever wants to rest and listen.


    As time goes by, more Aqrion seem to enter these shoals, all willing to share their stories.


    Pick out which dragons you would like to breed and submit a purchase request below.

    You may purchase as many slots as you wish.  

    When Purchasing a Slot please provide your Playerlog.

    Each dragon's slot is $5 USD / 1,000 Pearls.



    New Members are allowed to claim two FREE slots!

    You may only claim these once! 

    If we catch you cheating the system, you will be removed from the group.


    Click here to view if you have claimed your free slots.



    Notes: The comment you receive is your proof to any starters. Just head on over to breeding and link the starters you'd like to use.



    Previous Starter Slot Blog: here.

  • Breeding 2022

    Jan 1, 2022, 4:24:47 PM | 70 Comments | 1 min read

    Each player may use two breeding slots per month.
    One request per comment!
    No conversations here please.

    Only one Potion per type.
    Please don't reply to breeding results except for the sale/transfer of a geno.


    You must have proof of the slot in order to breed!

    If breeding a member dragon, you must have proof of the Breeding Approval.
    All dragons must have their Trials of Aquella before they can breed.


    Sire: (link)
    Dam: (link)

    Sire's Approval:  xx
    Dam's Approval:  xx
    Clutch Details:  xx
    Breeding Number:  1 or 2 of the month
    Player Log: (link)


    Breeding Numbers and Percentages may be found Here!


    2020 Breedings: here.

    2021 Breedings: here.