Monthly Challenge 2020

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All monthly challenges must be completed during the month in order to receive the item and pearl prizes.

These May only be claimed once!


You may draw the challenges at any time and may be completed by multiple dragons.

All older challenges will still grant their bonus +6 SP.

You must link the monthly challenge in your comments in order to receive the bonus SP.



- Entries must be Fullbody, Coloured or Grayscale, and contain at least a Standard Background.

- Literature must be 700 Word Count. For every additional participating dragon, you must add 150 Words to your piece.

- Multiple dragons may participate together. There is no limit but they must all meet the requirements.

- Collaborations are also welcome!


- Entries must be posted on PD before the end date of the month.  

- Submit them to the SP Counting que.
- Once counted, you may submit them to the Monthly Challenge que for your rewards.  

- These may be submitted after the due date and will be honoured, as long as the entry piece was posted on PD before the end date.


Your form in the MC que should look like this:

Import: (link)(s)

Monthly Challenge: (Month/Year)

Player Profile: (link)


- All Entries completed will earn +6 SP for the MC bonus!

- If submitted before the due date, you will receive bonus rewards!



Rewards for the Monthly Challenge will be awarded via the Monthly Challenge ARPG Que and not in the comments below.




December 2020:


The days are growing shorter as the winter season approaches.  A chill in the water begins to seep it's way through your bones during the longer nights.
But you don't mind.

Sure, winter brings cold times, but it also brings folk together to celebrate the year with their friends and families.

Tonight, there's a meteor shower!
You head up to the surface to go check it out. 
As you approach the surface you notice that the water above you was flickering with odd colours.
You finally reach the surface and are breath taken.

Not only do you witness a clear starry night with the odd meteor streaking across the sky.  But you also get to witness the Northern Lights dancing in the sky.


Depict your dragon witnessing the meteor shower and the northern lights!




x500 Pearls

- x2 Obsidium

- x4 Diamond


Must be completed before December 31, 2020 to recieve these rewards.



November 2020:


After all of the fun spooky activities of the last month it's finally time to return home and rest.
Along your route home, you stumble upon a massive field of giant jellyfish. 
You look at your friend, "your on!" and the race begins.


Watch out for those tenticles!  


They pack a mighty painful sting.


Depict your dragon racing through a maze of jellyfish.



x500 Pearls

- x5 Jellyfish


Must be completed before November 30, 2020 to recieve these rewards.



September 2020:


Everyone has memories.  Some are good, and some are bad.

What was your dragon's first memory when they think about their past?


Was it a memory of their parents?

Perhaps seeing something for the first time that was breathtaking?

Or perhaps their first attempt to catch their prey?

Did they remember their first date? Gone well, or not.

Was it something that cuased them great fear?

Or something else that may have traumatized them forever?


Draw/write your aqrion's first memory. 


x500 Pearls




Must be completed before September 30, 2020 to recieve the fishy rewards.



August 2020:


Spawning season for smaller fish often occurs late in the summer.  These fish gather together creating massive schools which makes them a feast for most predatory creatures. 


A large school of fish appeared in the ocean near your Aqrion’s home, many critters like sharks, dolphins, orcas, and other fish of prey gather to hunt down the fish together. Naturally aqrions join the hunting party, using their strength and intelligence to overcome the prey. Some Aqrion rely only on their physical strength, while others use their elements to catch them delicious fish! 


Draw/write your aqrion involved in the hunt, preying on fish or even other predators. 


x10 Bait Fish

x5 Fish

x3 Large Fish 

x1 Massive Fish

x1 Rare Fish

x1 Exotic Fish


Must be completed before August 31, 2020 to recieve the fishy rewards.



July 2020:

Your Aqrion has discovered it’s element for the first time!  Aqrion are born not knowing what their elements have.  As they reach maturity their elements often start to show. It’s usually quite slow and clumsy at first. Letting off a random spark of plasma or accidentally blasting your guide away with a huge sneeze of water.  A lot of the time they have accidents with their elements, before learning proper control and how to use them.


Often they are discovered through intense emotion.  Other time’s it’s only discovered through tragedy or injury.  Sometimes they have intense vivid dreams and their elements manifest overnight.  Sometimes a dragon discovers his element closer into adulthood.  


Those with no element sometimes don’t realize that this is the case until well into adulthood.  The signs were there from the start.  These dragons are naturally born stronger, faster and more agile than the rest of the Aqrion pups.


How did your dragon discover his element?  Did he accidentally cough some acid over his siblings? Or blast his teacher away with a water jet?

Was he surprised or scared?  Or too excited for his own good?



x500 Pearls

Onyx Umbrapod

Onyx Umbrapod by Aqrion-Admin


Must be completed before Aug 8 for the companion and pearl rewards.


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