Monthly Challenge 2021

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All monthly challenges must be completed during the month in order to receive the item and pearl prizes.

These May only be claimed once!


You may draw the challenges at any time and may be completed by multiple dragons.

All older challenges will still grant their bonus +6 SP.

You must link the monthly challenge in your comments in order to receive the bonus SP.



- Entries must be Fullbody, Coloured or Grayscale, and contain at least a Standard Background.

- Literature must be 700 Word Count. For every additional participating dragon, you must add 150 Words to your piece.

- Multiple dragons may participate together. A maximum of 4 dragons may participate.

- Collaborations are also welcome!


- Entries must be posted on PD before the end date of the month.  

- Submit them to the SP Counting que.
- Once counted, you may submit them to the Reward Redemption que for your rewards.  

- These may be submitted after the due date and will be honoured, as long as the entry piece was posted on PD before the end date.


Your form in the MC que should look like this:

Import: (link)(s)

Monthly Challenge: (Month/Year)

Player Profile: (link)


- All Entries completed will earn +6 SP for the MC bonus!

- If submitted before the due date, you will receive bonus rewards!



Rewards for the Monthly Challenge will be awarded via the ARPG Ques and not in the comments below.


Previous Year Prompts:




June 2021:


Aaaah, the warm breeze has begun to roll in.  Summer lazy days begin.
What's the best place to hang out and chill with friends?  Why the beach of course!

Everyone loves to sunbathe on the beaches of Aquella.  Some are warm and sandy, some are hard and rocky, others are slippery and frozen. 

But all of these beaches feel like an excellent place to hang out on, and to let that sunshine warm you up.

The beaches are not all for lazy sunbathing, but one can play many games with their friends too!


- Depict your dragon enjoying a lazy beach day or having a beach party!  -



x500 Pearls

x1 Love Potion

x1 Rainbow Star Companion



April 2021:


Spring brings out joy in many.  Plants begin to grow and new life is found everywhere.
One common tradition that the Dragons of Aquella do, is paint some little stones and hide them for the younger pups to find them.
While this game is mostly for the younger dragons, dragons of all ages love to participate and collect the painted pebbles to add to their collections.

Some folk like to compete and see who can find the most.  Others spend a little longer searching in all of the tricky palces.
The older dragons, of course, help the younger dragons with their searches.

- Depict your dragon painting small stones and pebbles -


- Depict your dragon searching and collecting these painted pebbles -



x500 Pearls

x1 Your choice of: Spring Sluggies, Rose Sluggies, Painted Sluggies.




February 2021:


The days are starting to get longer and you are beginning to feel frisky.

Early spring is when most folk start to find a mating partner.  The best way to gain a new mate is to show off!

The best way to show off is to perform great acrobatic displays. 

Displays can contain breaching, spyhopping, leaping, darting, doing piroettes, diving, or even weaving tightly through objects.

- Depict your dragon performing an acrobatic display -



x500 Pearls

x1 Love Potion



January 2021:


The new year is upon us. 

After much celebrating with your family and friends, you are feeling rather worn out.

It's time to take a break, you all deserve it.

It's time to take a long deserved nap. 

Curl up in your favorite spot with your favorite buddy or toy, and have a great big nap.


- Depict your dragon having a nap with his favorite friend/companion/toy -



x1 MYO Companion

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