Breeding 2024

Jan 4, 2024, 3:34:27 AM | 1 minutes

Welcome to the Breeding Pool!

Looking to add more dragons to your roster?  Searching for that perfect marking combination?
Here, you may pair up two dragons and breed them together!
The results, more tiny adorable Aqrion pups!


  • Each player may use two breeding slots per month.
  • One request per comment!
  • No conversations here please.
  • You can use many different kinds potions.  The same potion won't stack ontop of each other.
  • Please don't reply to breeding results except for the sale/transfer of a geno.


Breeding Numbers and Percentages


  • In order to breed you will need an approval slot comment from a dragon's owner or a starter slot.
  • Aqrion must have their Trials of Aquella before they can breed.
    •  No breeding approval slot can be written for a dragon until it's Trials are awarded.
  • Everyone may have 2 breedings per month.
  • Same sex breedings are allowed, but only with a Love Potion.
  • In order to breed differing genus together, you will need a Cross Genus Potion.


Comment below with this form:


Sire: (link)
Dam: (link)


Sire's Approval:  xx
Dam's Approval:  xx

Clutch Details:  xx

Items: (list)
Breeding Number:  1 or 2 of the month



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2021 Breedings: here.

2020 Breedings: here.


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