SP Count Submissions

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General Art/Lit will allow a maximum of 10 dragons to count for SP!

​Any additional dragons may be included, but they will not receive counts for SP.

When submitted large pod art in to be counted please break them up, ideally 2-4 imports per comment. This helps make it easy for us to count!


We are going to review and count all art/lit first, and then it can go into the Reward Redemption Blog.​

This helps the admins streamline their work in the ques.

The art is looked at/read to meet requirements and the SP has been counted and rewarded to the dragon.

Your dragons will automatically rank up and receive the rewards of the achieved rank!


- You are allowed to submit sheets, comics and literature.

- Please use one comment per submitted art/lit.
- Please include all dragons that you own in one comment.

- Its the Aqrions owners responsibility to get their SP counted.

- You are not able to claim SP and Rewards at the same time in this queue! Only SP!

- After getting your SP confirmed you can head to the Reward Redemption queue.



NOTE: Admins do NOT forward your submissions to the redemption queue anymore!



Comment below with the following:


Link to Piece: (link)

Type: Activity/Trial/Training/General Art/Event/Monthly Challenge

Gift Art/Collaboration/Payment/Commission?: (link other artist)

Event and/or Month:  (list and link)

Prompt: (Please specify which prompt the piece is fulfilling!)


Import: (link of import)

Import Tracker: (if it doesn't exist yet please let us know and one will be made)

Player Log: (link to your player log)

Lease Permission: (link)

Guide/Trainer Dragon: (link Import, if applicable)

Other DoA Dragon: (link Import)

Companion: (link)

Other ARPG: (link Import)


Guide's Perks:  (list, if applicable)

Items:  (list, if applicable)

Skills:  (list, if applicable)


SP Count:


[FULL SP Counts here]


Total SP = ##


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