Breeding 2022

Jan 1, 2022, 4:24:47 PM | 100 Comments | 1 min read

Each player may use two breeding slots per month.
One request per comment!
No conversations here please.

Only one Potion per type.
Please don't reply to breeding results except for the sale/transfer of a geno.


You must have proof of the slot in order to breed!

If breeding a member dragon, you must have proof of the Breeding Approval.
All dragons must have their Trials of Aquella before they can breed.


Sire: (link)
Dam: (link)

Sire's Approval:  xx
Dam's Approval:  xx
Clutch Details:  xx
Breeding Number:  1 or 2 of the month
Player Log: (link)


Breeding Numbers and Percentages may be found Here!


2020 Breedings: here.

2021 Breedings: here.

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