Grassy Shoals Starter Slots

Jan 1, 2022, 4:31:20 PM | 36 Comments | 1 min read

Hello and welcome to the Grassy Shoals!

Here we find many ancient Aqrion resting among the shallow warm waters.

Both wise and strong, they are willing to pass down their knowledge to whomever wants to rest and listen.


As time goes by, more Aqrion seem to enter these shoals, all willing to share their stories.


Pick out which dragons you would like to breed and submit a purchase request below.

You may purchase as many slots as you wish.  

When Purchasing a Slot please provide your Playerlog.

Each dragon's slot is $5 USD / 1,000 Pearls.



New Members are allowed to claim two FREE slots!

You may only claim these once! 

If we catch you cheating the system, you will be removed from the group.


Click here to view if you have claimed your free slots.



Notes: The comment you receive is your proof to any starters. Just head on over to breeding and link the starters you'd like to use.



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