Monthly Challenge 2021

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All monthly challenges must be completed during the month in order to receive the item and pearl prizes.

These May only be claimed once!


You may draw the challenges at any time and may be completed by multiple dragons.

All older challenges will still grant their bonus +6 SP.

You must link the monthly challenge in order to receive the bonus SP.




- Entries must be Fullbody, Coloured or Grayscale, and contain at least a Standard Background.
- Literature must be 700 Word Count. For every additional participating dragon, you must add 150 Words to your piece.
- Multiple dragons may participate together. A maximum of 4 dragons may participate.
- Collaborations are also welcome!


- Entries must be posted on PD before the end date of the month. 
- Submit them to the SP Counting que.
- Once counted, you may submit them to the Reward Redemption que for your rewards. 
- These may be submitted after the due date and will be honoured, as long as the entry piece was posted on PD before the end date.


Your form in the MC que should look like this:
Import: (link)(s)
Monthly Challenge: (Month/Year)


- All Entries completed will earn +6 SP for the MC bonus!
- If submitted before the due date, you will receive bonus rewards!



Rewards for the Monthly Challenge will be awarded via the ARPG Ques and not in the comments below.





September 2022:


There's been an increase in human pirates wandering the seas over the years.
We aren't sure why but their activities have been traveling far greater than before. Perhaps they have run out of places to pillage? Perhaps security in the region is tighter and they have been chased off.
We aren't really sure, but we do know that more pirates means more ship battles. Which leads to more sunken ships and that means more sunken ships with treasure to be found.
There have been rumors of an infamous pirate Sparlov has recently lost his ship in a large storm. Sparlov and some of his crew escaped and they are attempting to recover the stolen goods.
Unfortunely for them, you manage to stumble upon this sunken ship full of interesting treasures. The ship now has a massive hole in it's side, a culprit of a potential log hitting the ship and sinking it, and treasures are strewn all around the surrounding area. Most of these treasures don't seem that interesting or valuable to your dragon, but they take a look around and gather a few things of value.


- Depict your dragon searching through the sunken pirate ship, The Sparlov Revenge. - 



x500 Pearls

x6 Dubloons


Dubloons can be used to purchase some companions and items here.






August 2022:


Welcome to the annual shark migration!
During this month, many different shark species begin to migrate from their Summer feeding grounds in the northern seas, to their winter feeding grounds in the south seas.
The sharks come in many different shapes, sizes and colours.
Sharks are fairly solitary, but during the migration they group up and travel together. They share stories of their journeys, tips on feeding locations or potential dangers, some even find new romances.


Often the sharks put on a parade of sorts when they pass by major cities, usually as a thanks for safe passage through the city.

They perform a swimming dance as they pass through, performing loops, twists, and many other acrobatic manouvers.


- Depict your dragon watching the shark migration - 



x500 Pearls

x1 Remora Companion





June 2022:


With three moons, Lunar Eclipses occur fairly often in the world of Aquella.
The moons are all a different size and tend to leave different colours; Proluo tends create red, Lua pink, and Enule a blue.

Corals at the equitorial tropical reefs often glow at night with mild bioluminesence.

What's even better than a glowing greenish reef?
A glowing reef in varying hues of red, pink or blue!

It's quite a sight to behold!

Dragons from around the world will often travel to this glowing reef to watch the glowing reef.

Here they gather with friends and share stories from over the winter season, before moving onto the true summer activities.


- Pick a moon hue and depict your dragon exploring the glowing reef at night - 



x500 Pearls

x1 Your Choice of Sea Fearie!

Ice Flower








March/April 2022:


Hello and Welcome!

This month’s Prompt will run for March and April!  Yay!


Your dragon spots a pod of unknown dragons.  They resemble a mix of orcas and leopard seals.  They outnumber you, and look like they could be dangerous.  So you decide it’s best to not interact directly with them.  Perhaps you follow them at a safe distance.  Studying them and as to what they are.

After some time, you hear some strained clicking noises behind you.  You turn around, startled and confused.  To your surprise, there was a tiny calf in front of you.  He looks to be the same species as the dragons you’ve been following.   He seems too young to speak, and perhaps even too frail.  You aren’t sure why this guy has fallen behind and no one has noticed him.  He definitely looks to be too young for traveling, perhaps he lost his mother?  You gently grab his flipper and attempt to catch up to the pod.  Surely they know more about this situation.


- Depict your dragon trying to catch up to and/or communicate with the pod, with the tiny calf in tow. - 



x500 Pearls

x1 Silver Toothed Singer Egg





January 2022:


A new year begins! 

Full of hope and wonder, every dragon making new years resolutions.

Do you make a new year's resolution?  Is it one you can manage to stick to?  We all try so hard don't we.

After the end of year feasts and naps, one wants to start fresh!  Even though it's still dark and cold during the winter months, dragons will wake up and bustle around on this day.

Dragons love traditions!  Sopmetimes they make new traditions, but most often, they will follow some old traditions.

One of the traditions on the New Year is to hold a Lantern Festival!

Every year dragons build little lanterns and decorate them with all sorts of colours and patterns!

They fill them with glowing beads and with a little puff of hot air, they send them floating upwards.

Some launch them on the water surface, and some launch them fromt he depths of the abyssal plains.  
Both are fantastic sights to behold!



Depict your dragon building, decorating or launching a festive lit lantern along other dragons and their lanterns.  -



x500 Pearls

x1 Tiny Glowhorse





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