Summer Games 2022

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Welcome to the Dragon Challenges!

Here, the Swamp Skimmers have invited you up to Tethria.

This is one of the world's largest swamps and the largest home to the Swamp Skimmer.


Swamp Skimmer's are a tough breed. They are an uncanny mix of sharks and crocodiles, with thick hides and pointy teeth.

They have a strong competitive spirit and love to challenge each other in various activities.


Chief Gruff is hosting a celebration for his daughter, Skeer, who is about to begin her coming of age pilgrimage.

Skeer is about to take on an arduous journey down the rivers, over land and into the ocean, in search of new islands and new challenges.

But before she begins, she needs to make sure she is strong enough to make the journey.


This is where you come in.

The Swamp Skimmers love to compete, and what better way to get stronger?

By battling more types of foes!

Are you up for the challenge?


In this event, you only need to enter once to earn your main rewards.

You are allowed to enter as many times as you want for the Event SP bonus, Participation Badge, and chance at additional starter slots.




- Entries must be Fullbody, Coloured or Grayscale, contain at least a Standard Background and the starter you are challenging.

- Literature must be 850 Word Count and mention the starter you are challenging. For every additional participating dragon, you must add 150 Words to your piece.

- Multiple dragons may participate together. A maximum of 4 dragons may participate in a single piece.

- Collaborations are also welcome! A collaboration will require a minimum of 2 dragons. (one per player)




Once: (this can only be claimed once during the entire event. First entry may be any prompt)

- 1000 Pearls

- x2 Starter slots

- Armor set (Bracers, Chest, Helm, Tail Blade)


Repeatable: (this may be claimed as many times as you desire)

- Chance at earning a starter slot to the dragon challenger.

- Participation Trophy, once per dragon.




The Challenges:



Sparring is one of the most common Challenges dragons like to do. Often dragons with similar talents square up to compete.

Similar to human wrestling, dragons will square up in a Ring, then wrestle, slap, bite, and use their elements at each other until one manages to either knock the other out of the Ring, or pin them down.

Sparring tests your strength, quick thinking, and your endurance.


Challengers: Gruff & Jay



Racing is one of the earliest and easiest forms of Challenges anyone can participate in. Dragons of all ages participate, the young, the old, the fastest, even the slowest.

Some races are speed alone, others require you to me more dextrous and dodge obstacles in the water.


Challengers: Tapolie & Jaxx



Every culture appreciates dances. They all have their unique style of dance, and all are paired with their own names. Some swamp skimmers prefer to compete without being physical, and opt to compete with their dancing.

Their preferred dance is the snap shuffle.


Challengers: Death Punch & Helja


Rock Toss

Rock toss is an old traditional competitive sport among the sea dragons. This version is no different! Take up a large rock, and throw it as far as you can. Farthest throw wins!


Challengers: Klaxxi & Mr Bonez



Jousting involves the art of fighting with weapons, similar to the human's traditional sword fighting. While dragons do create sword-like weapons, meant to be used more readily with their flippers, mouths, or tails; this event will only use practice weaponry. Here, dragons will pick up a wooden weapon, or a log, and commence battle! First to land three strikes wins the round!


Challengers: Gramm & Chomps



Acrobatics is often preferred by the more agile dragons. Physical contact here is not encouraged, making it an excellent sport for the youngsters to participate in. Acrobatics often entails things like spins and loops through hoops, tightly swimming around poles with speed, balancing a stack of round rocks on your nose, and many other tasks involving balance and agility.


Challengers: Skeer & Jelliscent


The event will finish on Aug 31st, 2022.


Please submit your entries into the event queue. 
Have fun with the challenges!


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