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  • Cover for Ganon's Stew

    Ganon's Stew

    This is for a Golden Wing Competition for Runic Tunic. Hope ya enjoy!

  • Cover for Spartan X

    Spartan X

    This is the story of a spartan named Carol. Her base is attacked and she must find the Spartan X to help save humanity, but will she? This was an assignment for my english class(like my The Lost Spartans story) and it uses vocab words which are underlined. If you don't know what they mean, then look them up XP thanks for over 100 hits

  • Cover for Scout Troop Alpha Season 1

    Scout Troop Alpha Season 1

    These are the scripts for season 1 of my Halo 2 machinima series. This is for all the Halo fans out there! Now has over 900 hits! Thanks guys I owe you all big time ^_^

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  • First Flem Meeting

    Jan 23, 2007, 4:30:12 AM | 0 Comments | 1 min read
    This is the first meeting of the Flem Productions Clan! It mainly introduces everyone and luckily it was gotten on tape! Check it out on this page It's prett
  • New Website!

    Dec 9, 2006, 12:36:17 AM | 0 Comments | 1 min read
    I have created my new site! Just click "Site" on my PD account and it should take you there! Hope everyone enjoys it :)
  • Comic News Strikes Back!

    Oct 4, 2006, 12:16:51 PM | 0 Comments | 1 min read
    Ok everyone! More comic news from everyone's favorite, Keenarnor! Ok so here's what's up, VGW with DBZ comic episodes are on hold for a while. It will be until I get a few more Idiot Wars and FF 1 Onl
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