:wave: hello folk!
wellcome to my profile! please watch your step to avoid stepping on the Pikmin that may be roaming around here =)
as you can see by my name, I'm a Nintendo and fantasy freak, feel free to look around, enjoy your visit! :)

:upsidedown: About Me :upsidedown:

:pacman: Basics :blinky:

Name: Olimari
Age: 19 in human years,  3 in horse years
Gender: female
Orientation: 100% straigth
Native Language: spanish, si, se habla español :)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon (earth)
Native American Zodiac: Snake
Religion: Catholic
Personality: shy, very curious, kinda hyper, basicaly I'm just a big softie ^.^;; 

:pacman: Interests :blinky:

Things I LOVE: God, my family and friends, nature, wild, uncivilized places, animals, mythology and folklore, the smell of rain, ghosts, pirates, robots, life itself!
Favourite Animals: Horses, deer, antelopes, goats, seals, bugs, jaguars, dogs, mice, rabbits and hares, snakes, elephants, owls, crows, giraffes... (the list goes on and on and on...)
Favourite Games: The Legend of Zelda (all), Pikmin (all), Paper Mario (all), Kirby (all), Harvest Moon (all), Pokemon (all), Smash Brothers (all), Soul Calibur (II and III), Animal Crossing (Wild World), Kingdom Hearts (II)
Favourite Cartoons/ Anime/ Manga/ Comics: Digimon, Shaman King, Astro Boy, Hellboy, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Transformers.
Favourite Movies: Tron, I Robot, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, The Cat Returns, Atlatnis the lost Empire, Treasure Planet, Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Classics in general.
Favourite Books: all works by H.P Lovecraft, all works by Edgar Allan Poe, Watership Down, Tale from Watership Down and The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams, the Sherlock Holmes series by Connan Doyle, Jule Verne's work, Isaac Asimov's Work, The Cronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis, Stories of Earthsea by Ursula K. Leguin.
Favourite Music: Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Folk Metal, Speed Metal, Progressive Metal, a wee bit of reggae, a bit of electronic, some soundtracks.
Favourite Colors: Ochre Green, Olive Green, Sepia Brown, Cool Grey, Greyed Blue.

:pacman: Request and Art Trade info :blinky:

I do take Requests and do art trades, but please read below before you ask for something:

Request/ Art Trade Rules:
1- NO Satanism, Racism, Porn, Yuri or Yaoi.
* please don't ask me to do Yuri (lesbian) or Yaoi (gay) pictures, I respect that kind of stuff and I have nothing against them and I respect everyones opinion on that topic, but I don't feel comfortable drawing that, please be respectfull about it ^.^;;
* I DO artistic nudes, but please don't request erotic positions, exagerated proportions or anything related to that.
2- No explicit romance.
* note that I have nothing against romance,I can do some romance like hugs or couples holding hands, but when it comes to kisses and such I can NEVER get it right ^.^;;
3- No extreme violence or gore. 
* I'm allright with blood and some violence, like the ones seen on battle scenes, but don't request exesive blood, torture, self-mutilation, suicide or dismemberings.
4- Requests and Art Trades will be closed in some cases.
* sometimes I won't be able to do requests or art trades, like in exam periods, when I get sick or when I can't find an internet conection or a scanner. I very rarely cancel stuff that has already been requested, tough.

:thumbsup: Things I can draw
things that usually turn out well when I draw them :), my specializations:

  • Horses
  • Dragons
  • Animals in general (specially the ones with hoofs)
  • Anthros or Furries
  • Birds and other Winged beings
  • Merefolk and other aquatic beings
  • Little Folk/ Fairies
  • Fanart (look at my interests)

:thumbsdown: Things I can't draw
things that most of the time turn out messed up, weird or just completly wrong then I draw them, request under your own risk, these unlucky ones are:

  • Sonic style furries
  • general human anatomy
  • detalied backgrounds
  • stuff with 4 or more characters on them
  • general Mecha stuff
  • ships/ cars/ buildings

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