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hey, everybody. im a brand new member, so be nice ^^;. a friend of mine just told me about paperdemon, so i thought i'd check it out.

im a poet first and foremost, but i am an artist as well, so you can expect a little of both. see, i came here from deviantart, which is, im sure you know, huge, hoping that the smaller community would be more friendly and personal. over there, its really hard to be noticed when you've only got words. everyone seems to click on art, and only art. they cant be bothered with poetry. so im hoping that here, ill finally be able to get some critique on my work. :D

im a friendly gal, so dont hesitate to ask me anything. ;) im here to help, as well as be helped.

Latest writing

  • Cover for Chemical Bonding

    Chemical Bonding

    a twist on basic chemical facts. how can you sit through a class talking about chemical attraction and not seize the opportunity? nothing risque, nothing gained, eh? tell me if its too mature. its nothing explict, i just dont know what the standards are

  • Cover for the anti-romantic

    the anti-romantic

    this was, to be honest, written for me. as always i love comments and critiques, but please remember that this was not done from a strict sort of structure or want to impress. also as always, i don't know why the first line is a repeat. i did not submit it as such.

  • Cover for Exhaustion


    we all know the feeling....what happens at about 2 o'clock when the coffee's running low and the paper pile doesn't seem to be shrinking....please comment and CRITIQUE.

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