Grinning prompts: Found again ( prompt 82)

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A PG gathering of of weekly prompts for grin 

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Chapter 1: Found again ( prompt 82)

Grin had found him again changed and different but yet he remembers as she was once before. The life when grin was a stray using the ignorance and assumptions of others to make her self a home. Atleast untill that home decided to reject her in a rather. Permanent. Way.  


Now they sit in an empty guild hall drinking. Unfortunately grin can't hold her liquors nearly as well as her energy drinks. Its no surprise when the man she knew as xerxes a lifetime ago out drinks her in this respect. Even if he still can't handle even a sip of her caffeinated drinks.


" I know Ann gave you the atleast the broad strokes. I mean you learned my name after all. your actually the second to learn it before, well, I came here. stopped being dead I mean. " grin said playing with a drink an old 'friend' made her. The grave grey eyes watching the cup of bright cherry red liquid as it rolls in the cup. The smells of smog and tar still linger on her clothes smothering the more farmilar smells of damp earth and cheep coffee she had in her last life.


Rafael sat next to the taller woman with his own drink. Which thankfully he hadn't started into yet or he may have choked a little. This making only his second cup of the night. As it was he barely cleared his throat a little before grin spoke again.


"Funny enough she also used my Ann to find out. though that was when my child was still so young she barely had any immunity to hacking tools let alone back door viruses. she wanted to know why I would shower with the tricar or drev and not the other humans" grin continues not facing at the smaller man. Her forward set of eyes continuing to watching Her self play with the second cup of cherry whine. Her cheeks already flushed to match the drink in her hand her first cup crawling up her throat.


The poor man does choke having taken an ill advised sip of his drink. Grin. His grin was barely comfortable with short sleeves around anyone let alone wearing less. Maybe this was when she was young? Before the scars certainly. Rafael tries to contain his coughing to busy with his lungs rebelling to speak.


" don't look at me like that. A shower room of 50 sopping wet clouds in 1/8th gravity was always fun especially when they tried crawling up you to escape the water." grin chuckles. " I even got good at distracting them from the tattoos and scars on my back. the drev mostly looked confused that my hair would change colors with soap and my skin with how hot I'd run the water" grin has a sip of her drink letting the normally prim and proper man catch a breath. It was always fun unbalancing him even if he'd often get angry and pout. 


The images that plague the man's head makes it hard to calm his coughing and gentle sputtering. Rafael- no xerxes had seen her in thin shorts and a half top once when she slept in his room. With those memories as a frame to work with rafael's traitorous mind had too much imagination. He stood up feeling the need to put some distance on his mind. 

"I uh just recalled a prior engagement I need attend to." The lie rolls out of his throat like a damp hair ball. "I can see someone help you to your room when your done. If you are less bitey than last time. That is" Rafael offers with a soft voice recalling tizhi being bit so hard it nearly cracked the young drevs wrist plate before she let go ... 


"I should be able to make it on my own. And if not then wherever I wake up will be a surprise as always" grins words cut into the slightly blushing man's thoughts her amused tone matching the smile pressed into her drink taking a sip.

" and Rafael ." Grin looks at him.

" good luck and don't die " 


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