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This week's challenge: Pride colors. 60 XP per entry.

Today's color/prompt: Orange / Healing

"It is my hope that by having this code of conduct and community guidleines that it will inspire others to take ownership and action toward building a more positive and inclusive community."
- BogusRed

Code of conduct

We desire a community where ALL feel welcome. It is a requirement that you abide by the guidance below

  1. Approach each interaction with others as an opportunity to help each other grow.
  2. Be considerate and empathetic toward others.
  3. Avoid dishonesty, trolling, and bullying. Mean people are not welcome and will be banned.
  4. This is a safe and inclusive community. Insensitivity toward the following are violations of the code of conduct: gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, relationship orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size/shape, race, religion, age.

If you see a violation of this code, please contact us.