Posted Jan 24, 2007, 8:05:34 PM
Worked on this from Jan.12-18th I think...it's my first entry for the 100 themes manga challenge. And I hate to say it, but my scanner was being stupid, I was too lazy to do anything about it, and thus you get a really bad, low-resolution pic of what is actually a very nice piece. I say that because I love the color. It's mostly earth-shades and by god I love it. But it's still open for roasts. ~_^

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  • Dec 25, 2008
    The hands are a bit out of wack...O.O But overall it's a nice picture! Smile I love her eyes, you did well on them.
  • Jan 24, 2007
    alright- I'll see what I can roast here.

    Firsdt thing that pops to my mind- the hand. It's not how it's drwn, but the thumb should be on the other side of the stick- the thumb works best opposable, expecially on that angle.

    I like the frosty glow betwe nthe mountians- that's a nice touch. You use a referance for that? What was it I read in a perspective book- atmospheric distorion or something.

    I think the forground ground needs a solid texture, or something that is sharp and accurate to give it a sence of 3D

    I also reckon you could use some pure white water colour, or slightly watered down stuff to accent the clouds a little Smile Nothing huge- just a bit of a highlight ^^

    Hope that helps Smile
    • Jan 25, 2007
      I need some reference of her hands-I NEVER do this right. :/ I can't draw hands to begin with. So I don't know why I bother. ><;
      No reference for the picture-I was just thinking of the backrounds DaVinci used, with his chiaroscuro technique? And I thought-"that looks like her world" and added some pointy mountains. Smile They are so pwetty.
      What do you mean by adding texture to the foreground?
      • Jan 25, 2007
        Where she's standing is where I mean. It's as close as her, so should have the same level of detail- at minimum, it should have shadows or some thing ^^

        Hands aren't too hard if you remember that the thumb is opposable. Try the poses on your own hands first- photograph them so you cansee them if you must. Everyone hates hands. Including me. That and shoes. That's why all my shoes are masses of black unless I have to make detail ^^
        • Jan 26, 2007
          I see what you mean, she's rather flat in comparison with the backround. I think my problem is that I included the backround on a whim, and didn't go back to place her into the whole scheme of the drawing-and the light source has changed too! >< Ah well, live and learn. Thank you for the advise. Glomp
  • Jan 24, 2007
    I think her legs are too short/arms too long. ...I love the background. *.* It looks like there's a light fog in it, and even if that wasn't the intent I love the effect. <3
    • Jan 25, 2007
      Hm, her arms are a bit long aren't they? _ _ She is a very small woman-only 4'4, but I don't know how to show that unless she's with another character. (Her boyfriend is like 7 feet tall so-I'd get yelled at for that too. >o<Wink
      So I guess my way of trying to make her look small is just shortening things. :/ I'll work on it.