Yvaine Irie Concept

Posted Mar 29, 2008, 6:27:54 AM

The very first picture done of Yvaine. Aron had the head completely finished and the body very lightly sketched in. So when she gave it to me, I took it after a few weeks, finished it off, and named her. Yvaine Irie, my scalona--and the one who is replacing Lacera Daggersbane.

And no. She is NOT fondling herself. I tried to hide the hand, but apparently I hid it in the WRONG place. Also, the wings were a pain in the ass to draw. T.T

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  • Mar 29, 2008
    Actually- I wouldn't have noticed the fondling if you hadn't pointed it out ^^ I thought it was hanging there. If I can point out some crit though- those legs bug me a bit- that's probably why I didn't notice the hand... It looks like it has thigh guards. The inside of the thighs need more angle going towards the lower legs- as it is, the thigh and lower legs look like two separate objects.
    • Mar 30, 2008
      Haha, my bad. Maybe I should make sure not to mention it when I post it elsewhere? Though I am glad it originally appeared different to you! Everyone I know thought she looked that way, even though I hadn't seen it either, so yaknow...

      As for the legs, omg. I noticed that too! Right after I was inking it, which drove me insane. I would have traced and fixed it through that, but for some reason I could neither see it through the paper, and I don't have access to a light box. Rawr. Hrm. It is an old piece, too. Far before I knew much of... well, anything about anatomy. 'Tis what I get for not learning!

      Anyway, thanks~!
      • Mar 30, 2008
        You still have the old school light box- the sun. Put your picture up to a bright window- its a BETTER light source. Just.... not consistent XD Lol.

        Sometimes some evils aren't as apparent as we think they are. And... then you get the opposite XD I drew a character rescently that got nick named the Skunk cause his hair was black with a big white stripe down the middle XD see, I thought it was cool at the time, but I got caught out XD As it happens, I adapted that into the character, but usually its best to not say, cause most of the time, people will expect the positive- unless you're on an adult site and post it... then they see too much... >.> Lol ^^ :giggleSadsorry- I apologise- I'm a bit drunk ^^ )