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  • Cover for Ode to Otherkin

    Ode to Otherkin

    Otherkin is the term for a group of people who consider themselves non-human or having a connection to a mythical archetype in some way, whether by physical body, phantom limbs, or the soul.

  • Cover for The Truth

    The Truth

    What many people out there may feel or consider themselves. Not a journal, diary nor rant--even if some may read it as one. This was written a while back and in a moment of passion, so I may repeat myself or say something not exactly "intelligent" or "thoughtful".

  • Cover for Seeds of Illusion

    Seeds of Illusion

    Yukai is on Zenix which, with other planets, have virtual reality games where the characters believe they are real—that their worlds are the only ones in existence. Yukai manages to pass through into the game; becoming a Blood Kyn. With him he brings Ryouken. There he meets Zaki; a BK of the game, and Ryou runs across Damia, whom is also a 'created' player. Dwelling there, they soon bring Zaki and Damia back with them--but find this only leads to future problems.

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