Ainzph - ACEO

Posted Jan 18, 2009, 9:34:50 PM

Just something I colored, will be cut out along with the rest of its grouping and laminated all at once. :D This is an ACEO/ATC and is actually roughly 2.5x3.5 (trading card size).

Ainzph is, roughly, an ice elf from Gladea, though they aren't really elves, just people of the Glaciers who have forgotten their names. They're beautiful - like glass and frozen ice, they start out white, phasing through shades of blue to green and, some, roughly get to a sort of black-green as they age. Quite literally like an iceburg itself does. You can tell the approximate age of one by their color.

Ainzph is a bit peculiar for his kind, for one, his colors show earlier because he is part Gladean (meaning more regular peeps), not a pure-blood. He ages a little more slowly than the average Gladean inhabitant due to his parentage...
And yeah. More things to knock around before I decide on anything definitive. :D

Anyway, I take commissions for these, look in my journal  on dA for more info. I also have a sale going on for ACEOs and bookmarks.

Ainzph and Gladean related info is © me.

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