Avatar- Moxibustion Woman

Posted Feb 1, 2009, 8:15:06 PM

OMASHU backdrop art is used with permission and was created by AlisaChristopher on dA.

Er, yeah... the title's a really bad play on Combustion Man's nickname >.<

Megoomba on dA was holding a contest for Avatar: The Last Airbender and the challenge was to draw yourself (or a representation... Persona) in Avatar!verse.

My persona is an Earth Kingdom native, born and raised in Omashu (because EVERYONE seems to like plopping themselves into Ba Sing Se), who's been apprenticed as an acupuncturist (because I've developed an obsessive interest in acupuncture). She specialises in moxibustion, but not exclusively; she also works on ways to implement her needles with her martial arts, which is what she's doing here. Yeah... I considered making her a bartender since I plan on taking classes to do tavern work once I finish my B.A. But Avatar needs MOAR ACUPUNCTURE.

Admittedly, she's easily more badass than I would actually be even in the Avatar setting, but as far as characters go, she's really quite low-key. I'd be nothing special, though I think acupuncture would be something I'd attempt in that world were it available to me.

The costume is actually heavily based on South Korean tradition daily men's wear, as being on the go often and attempting earthbending in her spare time a hanbok would be highly impractical for her to wear.

Looks-wise, she's a thinner me with redder hair.

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