Drag- Aleksandr

Posted Feb 1, 2009, 8:30:02 PM

The story behind the original pencil sketch of this is that on my first viewing of a drag king show, I saw many a mediocre and outright uninspiring performer... Until this charismatic woman with a J-Rock do, goggles, and a Bowie-like stage presence begins performing to a piece by She Wants Revenge. She was MAGNIFICENT; I spazzed about it in my journal entry, though I don't expect anyone to remember that. She charmed out entire table, which consisted of a bi girl, a bi guy, a lesbian, a gay man, and a straight man.

So anyway, when trying to explain to our friends who didn't go with us, I doodled up a quick sketch that remained incomplete in my book for over a year. I've attended to her once more, and I MAY digicolour this, but no promises.

Please forgive the weird smoke, I was experimenting with stylisation.

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