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Avatar- Doing It Wrong

Posted Feb 1, 2009, 8:19:09 PM

And here the story of this secret unfolds:

So, I don't let on that I do somewhat enjoy the Zutara pairing (though I'll be honest... my big ships for Avatar are Zukaang, Jetko, Tokka, MaiLee, Azukka, and Tyzula). Truth be told, I abhor the way most people tend to portray the relationship... I really enjoy the relationship when their bull-headed tempers show, when they get snippy/pms-y with each other, when they're intense and competitive, when there's an honest passion present. I see some pieces like that, but not many.

Essentially, I like seeing their relationship portrayed as a dominance battle... Something like the canon!crack that is my favourite het couple Vegeta/Bulma. They should keep one another on their toes, caring but tough.

Here they're actually in the middle of an intense sparring match, not a life-or-death battle.


PLEASE do not bash Katara here, mmkay? I still like her so I don't care how much season three has made you hate her, I don't want to hear it here.


I'd also appreciate if those of you of the Kataang persuasion would refrain from bashing the Zutara pairing in general. I honestly am not THAT big on Zutara of Kataang to tolerate someone attempting a 'ship war on my page (that's right, I know some of you hard-core Kataangers are just as vindictive and confrontational as the rabid hard-core Zutarians, and I'm hard-core for neither). So please, if all you have to say is, "I like Kataang better," or anything in that family of thought, then clam up and move on. I don't mind someone having something to say about the actual picture and then adding their 'shipping preference as a tack-on, but 'shipping-exclusive comments are heavily discouraged.

There, now that that novella of a description is out of the way, enjoy, duckies!

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  • Feb 1, 2009
    amazing art! composition, colour technique, characters and expression!!!
    I love it!
  • Nov 18, 2009
    I like how this is laid out, very dynamic.
  • Feb 14, 2016
    I like the angle!
  • Jan 29, 2018
    Very dynamic poses.
    I like the muscles in his arm, and the way you did her hair.