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Posted Aug 26, 2014, 5:23:45 PM

Name: Yunīku Meiyo (pronounced Yuniikou Meyou)
Age: 22 years, deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Yurei (Japanese Ghost)
The son and successor of the powerful lord Tadashī Meiyo. Yunīku was always a rebellious child in terms of dressing and hair. He was chosen to rule as daimyo in his father's place when the lord died in a civil war... Though he realized from the start most of his skills were lacking. Yunīku was better at executing plans, and his sister Yūgana was better at making them. Behind the scenes, she advised him on his decisions. But Tadashī's liberal way of ruling had made the family some enemies, and Yunīku had continued to uphold the freedom his father had created. When he was in office for two years, assassins set out one fateful night. The plan was to murder Yūgana as a warning: her brother was to submit to their demands, or an inhabitant of the castle would die every night. But it was Yunīku that was found dead the next morning: the assassins had confused the siblings because of his long hair.

Yūgana was hardly done mourning when the higher ranked servants called a meeting. A new lord had to be chosen quickly, the villages were in turmoil after this brutal murder. It is said Yunīku was watching the meeting from the afterlife, and spat out his tea in shock when it was suggested the highest servant would rule instead of his sister. "What is this nonsense? You would choose a personal attendant over the last remaining heir to father's land!?" The servants were struck with silence. The angered ghost of Yunīku had suddenly appeared before their eyes. The attendant gulped and stuttered: "B-But young lord... A woman cannot rule these lands."
"What do you mean my sister cannot rule!?"

The storm winds rapidly forming around the castle when the young lord raised his arms were all the convincing they needed. Now Yūgana rules over the castle and the villages around it, proudly upholding the laws that allow the people to live freely. Yunīku still remains with his sister as a ghost, and the servants who chose to stay have grown accustomed to his current state. Half of them left after he decided to stay to protect his sister, since they believed a ghost would bring ill luck to the castle.

Yunīku can best be described as calm and elegant, and has a lot of patience. However, his anger was already quite startling when he was alive, and this hasn't changed when he came back as a ghost. One sure way to anger him is saying a group of people shouldn't have rights, since he wholeheartedly supports equality. He can walk through solid objects and tends to pop up in unexpected places to startle people when he's bored. As is custom for Japanese ghosts, Yunīku can't move his hands very well: they hang lifelessly from his wrists. However, when angered enough, he regains full control over them in order to summon a natural disaster or throw an object. The will-o-wisps that constantly float around him change shape to reflect how he's feeling. He still wears the clothes he was buried in, the necklace serving to cover up the wound that killed him.

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