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Name: 'Ulfandas the Majestic' (His real name is Sebastian Umberfink)
Age: 19

Class: Overlord
Level: 35
Race: Human

Sexuality: 'Such fresh insolence!' ~Sebastian
The Eye of the Chaos +2 was forged from the eye of Gorthax the Destroyer himself. The artifact which requires level 80 to wield, teaches both powerful magic and epic skills with weapons. This because the pendant is said to give its wearer insight into other universes... In the wrong hands, the consequences would be unimaginable.

~The tome 'Epic Jewelry' by Castim Eamann

Sebastian lives in a typical fantasy universe; dragons, trolls, elves and ogres are abundant, as are the brave warriors who keep the people safe. Adventurers have different classes, and this different skills. As they gain experience points, their level rises and they learn new skills and passive abilities according to their class. Their equipment is scaled under tiers, from lowest to highest: common > uncommon > rare > epic > legendary. These pieces of armor and weapons require a certain level to equip.

Sebastian himself was nothing more then the main bullying target of  group of Warriors in his village. He tried to stand up for himself, but he lacked the physical strength... Until an adventurer unknowningly carried the Eye of Chaos +2 into the village where he lived, the pendant dropping into a crate as the adventurer entered the local inn. The Warriors who had just finished giving Sebastian a wedgie played catch with that fateful crate on their way to the same establishment. The valuable object happened to drop  near their favorite punching bag, who was just recovering from his daily beating. He picked up the Eye of Chaos and took it back home to research it.

He quickly realized this artifact would permanently change his life. He got back at the dumb forces who had made his days a living hell. People cheered him on for ridding them of the daily ridicule. However, Sebastian’s hunger for control quickly got out of hand... It wasn't long before he used the Eye’s power to control the minds of the town guards, and forcefully put the mayor out of office. Today, he has traded the town hall for a gigantic fortress of dread, and his ragged tunic for the almighty Epic Chestplate of Doom, which is level 70 armor scaled under the ‘legendary’ tier. Sebastian had a long climb to his current evil overlord self, who has seized power in half of the kingdom... Many heroes have tried to stop him, and failed. We praise the gods he hasn’t decided what to do with the world once he rules it yet.

He only allows people he likes to call him anything else then 'Ulfandas the Majestic', a name he chose to distance himself from the teenager who was helpless to stop his bullies. Sebastian is best described as sophisticated and calculating, but he can be extremely temperamental when provoked. His favourite way of addressing his horde of minions when they mess up is: 'You incompetent nincompoops!' He tends to intimidate his opponents by marching with them onto the battlefield: an unorthodox tactic for overlords in his world. The adorable young doormat of the past has long made way for a power hungry, bloodthirsty fiend, who is only distracted from bloodshed is treasure or a beautiful partner for the night.


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