Posted Aug 26, 2014, 6:30:16 PM UTC

Jake is a step above the average high school student. He studies hard, gets good grades, hardly gets distracted during classes. Grades are very important to him, and Jake still can’t decide if he wants to become an archeologist or a writer. The teachers couldn’t wish for a better student...
But still every day at school is a living hell for him. He has almost no friends, and a bully named Butch who makes absolutely sure Jake will never manage to fit in and assures daily beatings for his victim. Jake has other interests then his classmates; he likes to bake and draw, which gets him his fair share of scoldings from his peers. Due to this, he's a little shy, and often gets nervous when meeting new people.
Jake isn't Butch's only target; even Butch's friends only hang out with him because they are scared of him, and some students join in on the bullying to avoid Butch's wrath should they not. Though Jake has brought up this terrible behavior to the teachers multiple times, they look away because Butch's father donates a lot of money for school excursions, copiers, and other things the school can’t afford. Jake ends up as the main target of his aggression because he refuses to keep the bullying silent, and it wouldn’t be the first time the bully beats him into the hospital.

Jake's parents have tried going to the police about Butch's physical abuse since the first time their only son woke up in the hospital. However, with Butch's mom being a lawyer specializing in defense, her son has never been arrested due to lack of evidence. Jake's parents have suggested to their son to change schools, but the bullying has left its marks on him. Most schools deny Jake's application because he comes off ‘antisocial’ or 'introvert' at his intakes. However, this is just plain shyness during a new situation.

I created Jake 2 years ago, for a school assignment. The assignment was to make a Flash animation with the subject 'anti-bullying'. I never could finish the animation within the given time, and didn't have the skills to finish it later. However, the concept was too god to toss, and with a few tweaks here and there, I decided to publish him anyway.

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