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Name: Sayen

Age: 18

Profession: Necromancer

Sayen’s story is set in a typical sort of fantasy universe. He has just moved into the small village of Prylea, and is starting to build up a social life there. He gets along fine with the neighbours across from him; a Goblin named Tamani who has romantic relations with an Elf named Avedir. He usually spends his time at the local bookstore, and is generally known as a gentle soul. But every person has their secrets; Sayen has told nobody he practices the ancient art of Necromancy. Though he has never even considered using his powers for evil, him and his brother David were ran out of the town of Torkard, where they formerly lived. All because of Sayen’s choice of magic, even after he used his powers to rescue the village from a small army of bandits. Sayen usually chooses dead bodies who never had a proper burial, as he prefers to give them  kind of a second chance this way. He politely keeps the undead in the basement; the stench of the zombies is unbearable… A problem which he still tries to solve.

The main antagonist of Sayen’s concept is the Ivoryvale cult: a racist religion, devoted to the belief humans are the superior race, and eradicating all interracial relations, be they romantic or not. Needless to say this cult doesn’t take too kindly to same-sex love either. Sayen discovers they are secretly controlling Prylea after he loses and looks for the pin which he uses to hold his scarf up. Eventually, him, David, Tamani and Avedir set out to stop the Ivoryvale Cult from achieving their sick goals.

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