Jerle escapes the shipwreck

Posted Jun 21, 2020, 6:50:38 PM

I chose Prompt #2 for the city of lost songs challenge. Honestly I struggled a lot with this one. This features my character, Jerle


I tried to get a forshortened perspective but it didn't quite come across well. I also am not super happy with the color palette or the way the scales are done. I would have liked to invest more time in getting the scales on the mermaid tail to look better.


Prompt #2 - The City of Lost Songs

Beneath a treacherous cliff face known as the City of Lost Songs rests a ship graveyard where even the bravest rarely venture. While the currents deep beneath the water are safe to swim, the water near the surface will dash the strongest swimmers and ships against the unforgiving rocks. The graveyard itself is riddled with vicious predators, creatures that wait for their meal to be cracked open by the cliff’s fangs. Few venture down to scavenge treasure from the destroyed ships. Draw or Write your character’s adventures at the City of Lost Songs. Your piece must feature an ocean, your registered character, and either shipwrecks or a dangerous cliffside.

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