DoA - Dancing Along

Posted Mar 11, 2021, 7:01:36 PM

Another entry for Lua's Love Day 2021, showing my golden duo!

The first dragons is Duracell; she came up to the shallow waters with an intent of releasing the energy stored in her scales. While doing so, she attracted the moonwhisps, who darted around her and initiated the dance. Caribes, who was resting on the thick layers of grass, woke up by the whisps darting in and out of his vision. He was annoyed by them, however the feeling got replaced by fascination a few moments later. He watched Duracell dance for a while, and after a bit he decided to take the gamble and swim up to her. They danced the night away with the moon whisps and bid them farewell when the first rays of sunshine hit the surface. That was the only time they both ever saw a moon whisp.

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