Next Stop: Avangard

Posted Feb 23, 2023, 12:36:13 AM UTC

Avangard, World of Skies Challenge

Prompt #1 - Soujel Aircity

Avangard’s population lives solely in fleets of airships that sail the planet’s skies. The largest of these ships is the informal capital, Soujel. The ship is decked in ornate golds and reds, and is visible from an incredible distance thanks to the constant display of lights on its hull. These ships are designed to drift high above the clouds. The skies above the airship cities are always crystal clear. Draw or write your character arriving on an airship. The submission must include your character and a red and gold airship.

Besides a rather unfortunate incident in Teuvo's plane of existence, Avangard truly was Luis Dafou's first portal. It was an accident, just like before. After a failed personal project , Luis plummeted off the side of his workplace, the small-town factory. Rather than bounce off the ground, he went straight through it. puncturing a wormhole into Avangard. With little else to do and no currency, Luis found a job among a less-than-reputable 'pirate' crew as an engineer. With enough time and dedication, Luis even became their chief engineer. Aboard the Albatross airship, alongside both Mozza and Adrien.



((and because this was originally drawn for the Character Development Prompt: ))

 Biweekly #52 Does your character often use a specific mode of transportation? Draw or write about your character in their car or spaceship, on their unicycle, unicorn, or whatever it is they use to get around.

Luis is not particularily gifted in the ways of transportation. He lacks neither the magic nor the funds to move at what might be called an accelerated rate. No flight, nor landslide. No, Luis prefers to live by whatever public transportation is available portal by portal. On Avangard, by flying train. Castimere, by river boat. On Amaru, by walking. A lot. He's never minded long travel time. It opens up interesting conversation with strangers. Many, many conversations.

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  • Mar 3, 2023, 2:14:13 AM UTC
    I am SO happy to see you took so many little details from our world building and put them into this picture. This is such a treat to look at and every time I come back I find something new to delight me.
  • Mar 2, 2023, 4:30:21 PM UTC
    Between this and the OCL sign-up piece, man, you're so good at CROWDS. Your ability to weave so many characters and individuals into a scene to make it feel busy and bustling, whilst still clearly communicating everything is insane.
  • Feb 27, 2023, 2:08:53 PM UTC
    Your environments literally never cease to blow me away. The level of detail is utterly astounding! Genuinely, from the signs and claustrophobic, the crowd of people (my boy is there, thankyou!!!!!), the poses and. god. Luis' design is so good there, with what I'm assuming to be climbing gear around his waist! Its so obvious with your pieces you put in a lot of care and research, and if you're winging it, my GOD you do a great job!

    So yeah, UGH this is SO GOOD <3 <3 <3
  • Feb 23, 2023, 5:34:53 PM UTC
    This is excelent! love the linework and the movement.
  • Feb 23, 2023, 2:04:23 AM UTC
    this is excellent, I love how you captured movement and busyness
  • Feb 23, 2023, 2:04:02 AM UTC
    I CAN SEE THE SHINYS IN PAIKO'S CASE ahaaaaa -- what's he smuggling away this time?

    Wow, you draw perspectives so well :O And there's such an attention to detail in your pieces while still maintaining a very casual, sketchy-but-not-really style (if you know what I mean. It's a really great thing!) Thanks for bringing Paiko along for the ride! ^v^