Bunny Fluffors Lunatic

Posted Apr 25, 2006, 3:59:33 AM
A lunatic from RO. Cute little cirtters, no? I drew it on Art.com

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  • Aug 20, 2006
    *gasps* A Lunatic!!! Splee!! Its cute! Havent seen one latly since I quit Ragnarok online! Grr wish they could make plushies like that.
    • Aug 20, 2006
      Aren't they the best? Ragnarok is so much fun. x3
  • Apr 29, 2006
    what a cutie, I want to squeeze him!
  • Apr 25, 2006
    How cute! *squee!!*
  • Apr 25, 2006
    Ahhh! *Runs about in circles* Tis adorable!! *Scoops up bunny and cuddles* Yay! ^.~
    • Apr 25, 2006
      lol That's how I first felt when I saw them on the game. What's cuter is that they're called Lunatics. They're so adorable. I have quite a few a pets on the game. ^_^
      • Apr 26, 2006
        Ooo, what game? I must find this game! The bbig floppy ears, the squishy, "I'm adorable, you must love me" face! Yes! ^.~
        • Apr 26, 2006
          Ragnarok Online. ^_^ If you have one as a pet, when it becomes loyal it will talk to you.

          Such as, "Look at me! I'm the sexiest lunatic alive!"

          Or one of my favorites, it'll jump up in the air and flap its ears like wings and float down, like in the drawing, and say, "Huston, we have lift off!"
          • Apr 27, 2006
            *Rolls over and dies miserably* It looks so COOL! However, it costs money, of which may mean my mom will say a harsh and cruel, "NO!" Must...convince.....must....
            • Apr 27, 2006
              I'm a bad person. I play on the free servers. ^_^,




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