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Name: Lian Garashi
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 1.72 m / 5'8"
Trainer Class: Explorer

Occupation: Former Scholar of Vaadros Scriptorium


+ Admirable            · Artful            - Disorganized 
+ Passionate                                     - Venomous
                                                              - Excitable

Lian is a passionate kid with an intense need for understanding his surroundings and the world. Being raised in the Scriptorium and learning from the masters and the ancients text made him incredibly intelligent, but also curious. Has strong values and moral, and makes his best to act rightfully. His artistic skills help him to understand the things he learns and when transcripting he has added his own drawings into the newer tomes. But when he gets too excited on something he tends to be disorganized, confusing his works at the Scriptorium and having to reorganize it after a reprimand. Being excitable also makes him rush blindly to situations that may not be safe. He's observant and at first he will treat others as a study subject, being silent at first and then more sociable. When mad he will be very cruel and venomous using his words and the things he has learned of others against them.

Since Lian has memory, he's been in the Scriptorium. Learned from the Masters, that took him and teached him, all that he needed to know. Surrounded by an infinity of books his mind expanded as he curiously devoured book after book. At a young age he started helping the masters with some tasks they assigned to him, other than cleaning or simply organizing the books. After a while he was transcribing books himself. He was in love with the biology aspects of pokemon and medicine, especially after rescuing a small Dratini. He called her Sylfis. Loyal, and quiet he kept her in his room, sometimes even carrying her in her robes or bag. The masters would never find out. But as pokemon appeared in his life.. he just wasn't able to let them go, he wanted to know more. He drew each one of them, and sketches and paintings filled his own personal books and papers. He watched the world from his window, and every time there was something to do in the town, he applied for the task, taking unusual paths and entering the wild. He still enjoyed his transcribing tasks but definitely wanted to compare the knowledge he had with the reality. The Masters wouldn't ruffle over this unless Lian had a task a finish. But then a new Chief Master arrive from the citadel. An older man, with strict values and a sharp tongue. He couldn't stand Lian, he wasn't a scholar.. not even an apprentice. Lian was; at least to the newcomer, an irresponsible child and a shame for the Scriptorium. But it was until Lian turned 15, that the Master punished Lian after finding out that the kid had three pokemon sleeping in his room. The Master demanded Lian to throw the pokemon outside the place, and after he refused to do it, he advanced to throw them himself. Lian pushed the old man who screamed in anger, expelling the kid of the Scriptorium. The rest of the Masters, tried to convince the Chief Master, but the decision had been taken. Lian hugged them in tears and left with a smile and a bunch of books and papers. He promised them to keep studying and assured them he would deepen the knowledge of the tomes he'd been transcribing all his life.

· Kakuna: Cokun 
· Rufflet: Vankha
· Dratini: Sylfis


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