PR - Vankha - ReferenceSheet

Posted May 30, 2023, 12:07:47 AM UTC
Name: Vankha
Species: Rufflet
Gender: Female
Trainer: Lian Garashi

Trait: N/A
Lvl: 98
Base BP: 15
Current BP: 113
Obtained: Starter

Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye

-Peck        - Leer
-               -


+ Perceptive          - Loud

Vankha is a curious small bird, always vigilant to any sound, or sighting, she'll screech nonstop at it, trying to push the distraction away. She's also a very "talkative" bird, maybe thinking of herself as a singing bird.. she's almost always making noise.

Vankha was born and trained in a messaging institution. But growing up in a place crowded with birds wasn't easy, especially if you had to stand out from the rest to get food, or the basic attention. Her sight was essential to get the food that escaped the blinded beaks desperated to grab the biggest portion, her senses improved to not starve. But when the time came, excited because she was strong enough, and big enough to get her first basic training alone (and finally get out of that insanely crowded and loud space) she wouldn't stop screeching and making sounds. She was dismissed immediately, she wouldn't have the privilege to be a Herald Bird, so she was released. But this didn't saddened her. She was incredible happy to finally hear herself and took refuge in a silent space, where she could listen herself louder. Lian was taking care of her at the Scriptorium, feeding the bird and making a small nest with some robes of his when he listened the masters, planning what to do with the bird. But since the bond was stronger, he teached the bird to "sing" outside, keeping her with him.

Level Log:
Reference Sheet | +5

Move Log:

Starter Move | Peck
Starter Move | Leer

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