PR - Sylfis - ReferenceSheet

Posted May 30, 2023, 12:09:47 AM UTC
Name: Sylfis
Species: Dratini
Gender: Female
Trainer: Lian Garashi
Trait: N/A
Lvl: 84
Base BP: 15
Current BP: 99
Obtained: Starter

Type: Dragon
Ability: Shed Skin

-Wrap        - Leer
-Twister     -


+ Loyal          ยท Dreamy

Sylfis is a particularly quiet pokemon, she's usually dreamy, or absent minded. Doesn't get involved in battles, unless needed. She has a strong bond with Lian and is very loyal, when he speaks to her, she's very involved and attentive to his wishes.

Growing up in a quiet lake full of life and far from any human settlement was a joy, playful and carefree Sylfis spent her days learning with her raft. But time was fast to change her life, The fall came early and stronger, and storms unleashed uphill. The water became muddier and troubled. Until the lake flooded and the water pushed them apart. Sylfis recovered in the hands of a younger Lian and got heavily attached to him in the process. But her personality changed, becoming quieter. She also developed a strong fear to thunder storms.

Level Log: 
Reference Sheet | +5

Move Log:
Starter Move | Wrap
Starter Move | Leer

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